When it comes to dieting, we tend to veer away due to the sacrifice one would need to endure, would you choose something restrictive and tiresome or healthy and balanced while letting you enjoy it on the long haul? The choice is yours.

Charm your way to a healthy and sexier you with this newest and practical approach into losing weight: My Spa Diet. Pioneered by lifestyle and weight management consultant /US registered dietitian Cheshire Que, RND, RN, RD, is the first online weight management program in the country that emphasizes a customized diet plan fit for a person’s lifestyle. Collaborating with registered nutritionist-dietitians, it provides a holistic approach on personalized way to meet nutrition needs while losing weight. The diet plan includes life giving foods, teaches smart eating habits and applicable exercise guidelines that considers four phases, pretty much the same concept of a spa: cleansing, detoxifying, rejuvenating, and balance.
Suffering from hormonal imbalance and thyroid problems at 25, Cheshire herself experienced a drastic weight problem. “It was challenging and crazy phase for a dietitian like me”, says Cheshire. “However, I took it as an opportunity to do intensive research; take seminars here and abroad to efficiently create a diet program to restore my health and achieve a healthy weight range which I managed to maintain all these years,” she concludes.

My Spa Diet applies a full-throttle psychology of nutrition and considers social aspect in losing weight that is not drastic, easy to apply, and flavorful menu plan that embraces all food groups but low in fat and high in fiber and nutrients. “It disciplines the body on smart eating, including the importance of hydration in the diet”, Cheshire adds.

By simply subscribing at $11.99 or about P500.00 monthly at My Spa Diet, it teaches clients to incorporate practical tips for gradual and sustainable weight loss that curbs craving for high-fat and high-sugar foods. By assessing the health status and calculating the body mass index (BMI)of a person, the subscriber will be guided with the correct portion serving for four weeks with several menu options that is just enough for a person’s daily recommended caloric intake. What’s more, this online diet plan teaches the art of portion control while letting the patient enjoy a variety of food whether at home or at a swanky restaurant with friends. Another practical tool is the food wheel which shows a number of healthy and delicious food choices. Planning meals are made easier with the online grocery list. Tired of rye bread for breakfast? Then check out other healthy alternatives or foods with added benefit or functional foods. The result is simply an exciting eating habit that will make you lose weight and sustain it!

And while a proper meal is important, hydration is also a huge part of My Spa Diet. “Restoring and maintaining a healthy fluid balance prevents muscle breakdown and enhances metabolism to efficiently burn energy thus aids in losing weight. It also rejuvenates the skin and keeps a clean digestive track. Aside from these, healthier food versions are commingled with aromathera-tea, or simply enjoying a daily cup of tea. Known to reduce risks of heart diseases, cancer, and an “oxidative stress” buster, there’s no reason why someone shouldn’t have a cup per day. Part of Cheshire’s healthy eating advocacy is to regularly include fiber in the diet and shares this tip, “Fiber is your friend when you are trying to lose weight. While insoluble fiber cleans your gut, functional or soluble fiber helps lower your blood cholesterol and control your blood glucose level, that’s why the fiber counter is a valuable tool in the site”, Cheshire adds. “Remember, to fully benefit from its rich detoxifying) properties, eat whole grains, wheat bread, vegetables, and moderate amounts of whole fruits to increase fiber intake,” she recommends.

When the My Spa Diet team came up with this special menu plan, they also had in mind people who suffer from lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, obesity, cancer, kidney, liver diseases, and a host of eating disorders. “Feeling sexy is not only about a shapely figure, but being healthy inside out. That’s why we always encourage taking care of your body and it’s never too late to kick start an improved and healthier lifestyle”, Cheshire advices: 

“You are what you eat"? Its cliche, but it's true. Eating better will do the body a world of good. Invest on eating habits that nourish and rejuvenate the body, give energy and help prevent lifestyle related diseases. Losing weight and being sexy is a very welcome bonus, but it should be the benefit of snapping out chronic diseases that should always be the main goal. Needless to say, a healthy body is a sexy body.

To know more about My Spa Diet, contact lifestyle and weight management consultant/US registered dietitian Cheshire Que RND, RN, RD. For appointments, text or call 0916-2743944 or email Check out as well or

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