EVENTOLOGY: AstroVision Bloggers Blowout!

Orange magzine tv and Astrovision held its Bloggers' Blowout last September 3, 2011 at Greenbelt 5 the event is divided into three parts: music, movies, and tech. We were part of the music group and we were presented with the music groups like warner music, sony music (ivory records), MCA music, and  star music group (star records) and presented to us the featured artists under their labels. And as an added bonus LG Electronics Philippines let us experience their 3D TV! Woohoo!

They featured current record labels and upcoming music and videos and concerts. The record label that caught my attention is Warner music which feautures many artists who I love to listen to like Adele, Bruno Mars, Red hot chili peppers, Rumer,  and of course LINKIN PARK!  And they will be featuring local acts like Ebe Dancel former member of the band sugarfree now with debut album Dalawang Mukha ng Pag-ibig. Also lets not forget our pride, Charice with a new album!
What also excites me is the new album of the Red Hot Chili PeppersI'm With You featuring their latest single the adventures of rain dance maggie with their new music video shot at venice beach California. More information about their recent concert in Hongkong with coverage by Rico Blanco was featured here in the blog.

I am hoping to see Adele to hopefully have a concert here in Manila but for now I love listen to her song. Will also check her past album 19 released two years ago.

Because of the Bloggers Blowout I learned fresh news about the music scene which made me love and appreciate music more. I hope to review the featured artists because they make great music and also inspire millions of people. Truly, music is the ultimate universal language that 

Again thank you and Kudos to Astrovision (AstroPlus in SM malls) LG Electronics Philippines and Orange magzine TV!