Carmina Villaroel for Delmonte MMK Tomato

Feeding Kids With Vegetables made easy with DelMonte MMK

Carmina Villaroel is now declaring to the world that her kids are now eating gulay (vegetables) without any problem since she was intriduced to the new tomato and spaghetti sauce by Del Monte now with MMK (Malunggay, Mungo, and Kalabasa). This new offering of Del monte can now help mothers all over the country to enjoy delicious dishes made with Del Monte sauces with the nutrition of the three vegetables needed daily with just 3 teaspoons of the sauce.

Carmina also shares that this healthy discovery also got the favor of her biggest kid, her husband Zoren. Also fresh from the cooking reality show, She is proud that she is cooking for her family now. The Del Monte MMK tomato and spaghetti sauces though added with these vegetables does not change the rich flavor rather fortifying them with more nutrients and vitamins.

Now you can cook Chicken Afritada with confidence that even kids may be picky with what they eat, their daily vegetable intake still remains helping them fight diseases especially at these times.

Like Carmina, you now have the chance to provide healthy meals with MMK. Del Monte Tomato and Spaghetti Sauces with MMK are now available in leading supermarkets nationwide.

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