I've Upgraded to the Facebook Timeline!

I just recently upgraded to the new Facebook Timeline which looks cool at the same time is a great way to backtrack your activities on facebook especially if you are a facebook addict. With this I found that I started facebook way back February 2009 and many other facts. To get this you have to follow certain steps frist before being offered this service. Friends who have upgraded to timeline are the only one who can view these changes so, take time this lazy friday to upgrade your facebook to a cooler view. To know how to create your timeline profile follow these instructions. Many of my online friends have tried it and hope you will to.  Despite changes in facebook, we must remember that we agreed that changes are sure to happen we just have to adjust and love what we have, of course facebook will think of ways to keep us there. Or else, G+ may be our new social hub. So go and get your profile now!

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