HEALTHY LYF: Scotch® Reusable Mounting Products Review

3M introduces new Scotch® Reusable Mounting Products

The only thing constant is change – whether at work, home or in school. With change comes the need to update to be relevant. At home, it’s the grocery lists, chore assignments and the kids’ works of art. At school, essays, sketches and the top students lists need regular updating while at work, monthly quotas, scheduled meetings and project status.

Most people probably take this reality for granted until they see the peeling plaster and walls riddled with holes. With the need for lightweight mounting in mind, 3M Philippines introduces its newest innovation, Scotch® Reusable Mounting Products. The Strips and Tabs are pre-cut, clear, reusable, and removable adhesive for lightweight mounting and re-mounting to maximize available spaces.
“We, in 3M, saw the need of the market for a tool that can help maximize space, organize walls and even decorate homes while at the same time, protecting surfaces. What’s more, this new innovation from Scotch® Brand can be “reused again and again” and can support up to 1lb of weight thereby making it economical, convenient, and eco-friendly,” says Haydee Casapao, 3M Office Supplies Sales and Marketing Manager.

Being reusable, Scotch® Reusable Mounting Products help save money and effort while offering a more eco-friendly and better alternative to magnets, push pins, tacks and putties. They also remove easily and cleanly making them more preferable than tacks which can damage surfaces and even causes minor accidents. They can also be used on most flat surfaces including stainless steel, plastic, concrete, glass, wood and painted walls. Just clean it with water, and it’s good to go again.

Most of the offices and schools don’t allow mounting of objects, photos and posters on
walls because it might damage the paint of the establishment. However, with the use of Scotch® Reusable Mounting Products, photos, posters, and lists can now be mounted without any hassle, residue or damage – perfect for teachers, who need to change their lecture materials in a flash to maximize the time during class discussions, for professionals who need to keep their to-do lists on their cubicle walls or for moms to stick their shopping lists on the fridge. They are also perfect for securing items like picture frames or many of our odds and ends.

Apart from Scotch® Reusable Strips, 3M Philippines also offers Reusable Sheets and Tabs to address all the lightweight mounting requirements and the need to adapt to the various changing environments at home, school or work.

3M and Scotch® are trademarks of 3M.

My Experience and Verdict

The product is easy to use and also can be used with any shape. Cleaning is easy and even kids can do it them selves. Though the tape is a little thick this is actually an advantage for it to peel off smoothly leaving very minimal or no marks at all. As a universal adhesive, its perfect for home use and of course the best feature is yoi can use it over and over again!

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