Had Lots of Fun at Blogapalooza!

We say kudos to the people behind Blogapaloooza last September 17, 2011, particularly WheninManila.com with Vince Golancgo (from the wake up show of Mellow 94.7)

With about 50 advertisers who lined up to participate and to mingle with almost 150 bloggers from all over the metro creating a Business to Blogger event was indeed very exciting and fun with a lot of give aways and products that sparks interests of bloggers.

From food, fashion, technology, even cars and pole dancing ang many more makes it one of a kind. And though not really a professional event organizer Vince and When in manila team had a great concept and organization of the program which made everybody so happy. Kudos and job well done! Excited for more blogapalooza in the future! I will be posting the products and services featured in the event in the following days namely:

  • treehugger
  • jap OK
  • avira
  • human nature
  • lay bare 
  • big k image
  • galileo singapore math
  • circuit 360 
  • club matabungkay
  • sofitel manila
  • easy pha-max
  • fashion art (FArt)
  • freestyle ballers
  • lazer extreme
  • bodoiur dolls
  • tripologie
  • aquabest
  • healthy first
  • size matters burgers
  • oryspa
  • focus ventures (chana motors) 
  • Leslie's Farmer John's premium potato chips
  • Polecats manila
  • Blue water day spa
  • Phiten
  • Golden ABC (Memo, Regatta, For Me)

Will be posting the reviews and raves about the products above so keep yourself updated with MTL and blogapalooza. We are thankful for the goodies we got from the event and are excited to share to our readers! Thanks again to When in Manila

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