Multiply Opens its Doors to Online Sellers!

Before facebook we got hooked with the social networking site in which we loved its features especially the photo album feature where we store our photos even in high resolution. Now with a great number of Pinoy followers it influenced the American website in making it a online haven for shoppers and also sellers. With this potential, despite far to compete with the social network giant, providing a great place to shop is indeed a great idea for a website that we are familiar and somehow forgot. But for online sellers and collectors, Multiply is the perfect online site to make secure and fast purchases with a growing number of stores each day.

MTL is thankful for multiply as it also served as the first platform for MTL to trive like a nursery, now a full blog we are happy that the website found its other great purpose as a online market place. With the innovation and changes that are happening I am thinking of opening a multiply store for Manual to Lyf!

Opening a store at Multiply is very easy as we were given a quick demonstration in creating a online store. You might want to check it out for yourself if you have a existing account or open a new account today! Just go to

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