Blah Blah Blogs BER Edition: Ondoy Year 2 and End of the World day II


Another year has passed...

Now we again remember the Rainy day horror of Ondoy that happened two years ago. Coincidentally today another typhoon (Pedring) is pushing its way though Luzon. To the many victims, the visions are still fresh, I still remember how Sta Mesa Manila looked like a wasteland on the aftermath of Ondoy. We were indeed lucky to be in an elevated part that is spared from the rolling flood that affected millions.

In these times of tragedy, everyone is affected. It does not look on the social status of a person or how good looking one is. One would find his demise with a flying roof or refrigerator. Countless trees are also uprooted which we hoped to also control floods making things worse.

Though maybe a tragedy, it ia also a triumph of the human spirit with many volunteering themselves to help others. Now Luzon is still in the mercy of Typhoon Pedring, I hope the same bayanihan spirit will prevail.

Now lets talk about another END OF THE WORLD date which is today, september 27,2011. On this date, an alien planet/comet will allign with Earth and will cause a great worldwide catasrophe. The people who spread the theory also blamed the allignment on the great tsunami that hit Japan last March. Since its not yet over, we will again wait if this day is indeed another END OF THE WORLD DAY.

Well, since there is a storm can be possible that people would experience catastrophes similar to it. Others like me feel the end of the world when electricity and internet is shut off. But like every storm, it will pass, and all we need to do is to be strong and help each other in these times.

Stay safe everyone!

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