City Delivery Now Accepts Globe GCash!

I know most of us are really busy in life and delivery would be the best option that we would think so fill our hunger. And with people getting tired of regular fast food, its great to try out something new with over 170 different restaurants available to satisfy your cravings i n every cuisine. So go ahead order now! And the great thing is you can use Gcash in paying for your transactions!

Here’s how the system goes in ordering food and paying it with Globe GCash 
1. Call Quick Delivery number and order food, call 2121212
2. you can also log in to their site at 
3. Order food and select Gcash payment mode 
4. When you call via phone, you will give your Globe number to the operator so that they can process your payment via Globe Gcash 
5. After sending it, you will receive a notification that Quick Delivery will deduct this amount of money from your Gcash, at first you should know how much is your bill.
6. Confirm the deduction by entering your Globe Gcash MPIN 
7. Upon confirmation, your food will be delivered from 30min to 1 hour, depends on the food you order and location. 8. Take note that delivery hours starts from 10am up to 1030pm, 7 days a week