REEL DEAL Movies and Television: Nasaan ka Elisa? Spotlight

From an international hit from Telemundo and has been adapted by many countries and now here on Philippine TV through ABS CBN. Nasan Ka Elisa? Based from the Chilean series ¿Dónde está Elisa? Elisa, (Melissa Ricks) is the rich heir of Altamiras, Mariano (Albert Martinez) and Dana (Agot Isidro). A perfect daughter in the eyes of her parents but also have a secret unknown to them. One night, after Mariano's party, Elisa insists with her father that she be allowed to go out with her younger sister, Cristine (Isabella De Leon) and her cousins, Santi (Franco Daza) and Eduardo (Aldred Gatchalian). They go to a local club where a party is being held. The three, except Elisa, soon get drunk. When Dana and Vivian (Mickey Ferriols) come to pick them up, they see that they are drunk and find out that Elisa is now missing.

 The investigators, Cristobal (Joem Bascon) and Giselle (Desiree Del Valle) investigate the mysterious incident and they manage to list down names of people who might have possibly kidnapped Elisa, including her family members (aunts, uncles, cousins), her friends and classmates. The investigators then go to the places where Elisa used to go to, to try and solve the mystery. The series goes into a complicated search for Elisa and along the way other dark secrets and revelations of all the people involved in her disappearance.    

Nasaan ka Elisa? airs on ABS CBN's Primtetime Bida on Spetember 12, 2011