MUSIC LYF: Sari Saring Kwento MTV Behind the Scenes

The long wait is over, the collaboration that everyone is excited to see is now here and now out with their MTV. The collaboration of Champ Lui Pio (Hale/Mecca Music), Gloc 9, and Noel Cabangon form the beautiful song SARI-SARING KWENTO. And Music Lyf was there behind the scenes to meet the artists and also the production crew who worked long and hard to give a great video to the compelling song.

I have shared here our conversation with Gloc 9, and we also got the chance to chat with champ about the song and the video. With this new chapter in his career, he is delighted with working with his fellow artists. Its my first time to see how they film an MTV, and with all of them are what I consider great musicians in their respective genres and audience. Below is the documented Behind the scenes by Mecca Music. Hopefully we would also be present on the next taping of another video soon so stay tuned and subscribe now!

And Here is the finished product, the official video of Sari-saring Kuwento!

Special thanks to and Mr. Jude Ng!

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