Pagtutulungan.Org: Reforestation of Marikina Watershed with Coca Cola Foundation

Reforestation is no joke. What we used to cut down tree in a matter of days takes its toll on our communities and cities that are in the way of rivers and waterways. The biggest watershed near Metro Manila that streches as far as Rizal Province and almost to Quezon Province. The area was also the center of many logging activities in the past to supply demand of the metropolis. Unfortunately, this watershed has lost so many trees that resulted in the uncontrollable flow of water to the lowlands particularly the Metro Manila Region.

With the help of the Coca Cola Foundation the future of the watershed can be better with a reforrestation project working together with local authorities and NGOs. We (bloggers) joined in with the group going to steep terrains and grassy paths. Its indeed hard work going to the site itself but the mission must be accomplished to plant tree sprouts on the side of the mountain. It was a tiring day for all of us, but we are also happy because of the hospitality of the local residents who also welcomed us to their home to use their toilets and also change clothes. What also made us happy is the scenic view of the valley which we hope that the trees we planted will make a great difference in the ecosystem and also our future.  

Thank you again to Coca Cola Foundation for letting us experience this!