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World Gin Day 2023 Celebrated With 'Gin Is In' White Party

World Gin Day is back and Ginebra San Miguel continues the celebration with new ways of celebrating the fascinating things that can be done with gin. This year, GSM wants to show the ‘Cool, Clear, and Versatile’ quality of gin with a white party bringing partners, celebrities and media for a kick-off celebration that will be also experienced in many places in the country.

Known as the maker of the world’s no. 1 selling gin, Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI) has been a household brand for Filipinos and also manufactures a wide range of liquors and beverages enjoyed by millions and has become a part of the Pinoy lifestyle. World Gin Day is celebrated worldwide on the second Satrday of June and GSM is the first to bring the festivities in Asia back in 2014. That year, GSMI marked the 180th year of its flagship brand, Ginebra San Miguel. Today, gin enthusiasts look forward to GSMI’s month-long activities, which not only celebrate gin’s enduring influence on our drinking culture but also its role in celebrations, fiestas, gatherings, and even our everyday triumphs.

World Gin Day Is Back With Ginebra San Miguel! Nationwide Gin Bar Crawl Also Launched!

Gin Lovers would be very happy that after years of lockdowns and isolations, Ginebra San Miguel will celebrate World Gin Day (WGD) with live activities that many can now participate. World Gin Day is now ready to be part of the yearly traditions of  Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI), and the brands that comes with the label. Starting June 11, they kicked off nationwide Gin Bar Crawl challenge featuring amazing mixes made by professional mixologists.

‘Gindependence Day’ invites all to join the revolution to a new Philippine gin culture

Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI) is brewing something new for 2016. Announcing, Gindependence Day! This is a celebration to mark the brand’s emancipation from the old and a welcoming of the new.

As the market leader in the gin category, Ginebra San Miguel is paving the way for a new mix of gin culture in the Philippines. Standing on its success and popularity in the mass market, the GSMI Gin Brands now plan to reach even greater heights by catering to more premium groups. With a lineup of never-before-done activities, GSMI Gin brands will connect with a wider audience and improve the gin experience as a whole.

Ginebra San Miguel is making new waves in the market with activations that will level up its image and brand perception for the market. From that gin brand known as for the old and mass market, GSMI is opening a new chapter for something more hip, fun and upscale. GSMI is not afraid to embrace change and create a revolution in the gin market. It’s time for the new. The time for gin is now!