12 Things to Speak Up This 2012!

The year 2012 will bring a lot of challenges and opportunities that propels us as an individual and also as a nation. With technology paving ways into so many  things we can do and how we can affect the future. We have seen the power of the internet this 2011 with prominent examples like the Arab nations uprising, the mobilization for help for the victims of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and Typhoon Sendong.

With the public now having a stronger voice in the society and interconnected networks with social media, indeed we have the power to Speak Up. A call to action to address issues concerning the use of social media and the internet. Everyone has equal rights and equal responsibilities over the world wide web. We then list down 12 things to Speak Up this new year 2012. Therefore #iresist being part of the silent majority but an agent of change that the world needs right now.
I may not be politically affiliated, however as a blogger I was able to speak my mind and share my thoughts. That is why I have blah blah blogs and fpjjr.blogspot.com as my venues to write what i feel and also my opinions that others may agree or not.  And loving doing video blogs lately will also have more featuring my two cents on current issues. To Speak Up indeed makes me more involved and challenges me to take part personally.

2012 is one of the most anticipated years with claims to be the end of the world, the date of the London Olympics and many awaited events. That is why I like to speak more in 2012, to be more involved and also speak my mind. And I encourage others to do the same too. 
  • Speak Up Against Cyberbullying/harassment
             -From celebrities like Charice to Christopher Lao, they have been victims of online bullies and harassers.  Don't let them do online damage to people's reputations.
  • Speak Up Against Misinformation
             - Many people rely on the internet for information and news, however if the facts are not given correctly, it may cause confusion and also conflicts.
  • Speak Up Against Piracy
             -Millions to billions of dollars in revenues lost cause the collapse of many movie and music companies that affects the economies and job security of many countries. 
  • Speak Up Against Racism and Hatred
             -The internet 's purpose is to promote equality and friendship whatever the race, creed and color. Thus this should never be a tool to slander and defile other people and invoke hatred and war.
  • Speak Up Against Copyright Infringement
             -Though the internet is an open zone, people should be aware that online content also belongs to people and should go proper means to get permission. This has been a hot issue with bloggers and several of my friends have been a victim.
  • Speak Up Against Stereotyping
             -Though we may have our biases and perspective, it should not promote the suggestive stereotyping of people and things that will greatly affect them both in the short and the long run.
  • Speak Up To Push Laws to Protect Internet Users
             -Laws are outdated to protect the modern user, ask legislators to make these priority bills to protect cyber victims and provide justice to all.
  • Speak Up For Internet Access to more Filipinos
             -Filipinos are one of the fastest growing internet users. However,it does not cover other places that most need of the service to emancipate the lives and towns.
  • Speak Up For Better Education with Computer and Internet Literacy
             -It has been proven that children learn faster with the aid of information technology. And with education, children will have better and bright futures ahead.
  • Speak Up For Responsible Online Journalism
             -One can claim to be an online journalist yet may also invoke misinformation and cause more damage than providing news. 
  • SPEAK UP For Promotion of Culture and Heritage
             -With many traditions and cultures on the verge of extinction due to modernization and globalization, its a noble cause to revive and preserve them to be shared to the world. 
  • Speak Up For Unity of the Online Community
             -One of man's ultimate goal in peace, and we should also have it in the online community which purpose is to make connections not break them.

More than the usual New Year Resolutions, we should also speak our minds in making more positive change especially for the online world we live in. As tons of information charges out as quick as light, better make it still a great tool for the advancement of the whole world. Let's Speak Up this 2012!

let your voice be heard tweet with the hashtag #iresist. May everyone have a Happy and prosperous new year 2012 ahead!

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