Misa De Gallo Diaries - Day 1 - PATIENCE

First Reading: Isaiah 56:1-3, 6-8
Psalm: Psalm 67:2-3, 5, 7-8
Gospel: John 5:33-36

The year 2011 has been the most harsh yet blessed term I have experienced in my whole life. It was test of skill, connections and even faith. And here I am now on the third year of what others call a devotional posts that I have been doing in the past years. documenting the Misa De Gallo series was indeed a challenge for me  but fills me so much emotionally and spiritually. And for this year 2011, I will continue this series both as a reminder for me to look back on my experiences and also a reflection shared to many people in which they can also reflect within themselves. 

To bring a deeper meaning to Christmas which we are celebrating these days, the novena mass to Christmas day hopes to reach out to more people and maybe considered as a 'devotional blog' for the days. I hope you would share this to family and friends who also goes into a journey of faith this holiday season.

To start this year's Misa De Gallo, I intended to start it with the dawn mass held at the nearest church from my place, San Felipe Neri Parish in Mandaluyong. Too excited for the first day in the series I decided not to sleep until the wee hours of 3 am in the morning to prepare for the mass. Originally, I also asked fellow housemates to join, however only one of them was eager to join. The church was just a 15-minute walk from CitiHUb, and walking at that hour still is safe with baranggay tanods to watch our backs (and also some people on the way to the church too). 

One of the oldest churches in the Metro, San Felipe Neri Parish is the first catholic church established in Mandaluyong. I intended to start with this parish as it is my place of residence and first time to celebrate simbang gabi here.


The readings indeed was talking about the preparation of the way of Jesus as he is to be born and who awaits him. I remmebered staying up late because of the excitement and patiently waiting for the time to come. Indeed on the first day we tend to be excited and vigiant. However, patience can be tested with the passage of time. One may give up and go home, yet it is written that the Lord comes at an unexpected date and time like a thief. 

What also tested my patience during the mass are the other church goers who are teenagers that were noisy during the mass. The choice of scolding them was reasonable however, I chose to observe and justify the actions I will do. They might felt some pressure and stoped for a while which let me be concentrate on the mass until the final blessing.

I also appreciated the patience of my friend Clifford who remained silent and solemn throughout the mass. He indeed had patience to attend this first day of Misa De Gallo. The first day was a test of patience and also a call to follow the light. Now the story begins, the 3rd year of Misa De Gallo Diraries has started and is teaching me to be patient.

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