COMMIT to End HIV/AIDS (Headshot and Education)

TODAY IS WORLD AIDS DAY 2011. I do believe in the power of education and the right choices. And knowing the true facts about HIV/AIDS and how to prevent them. Why need to talk about this? Its because everyday 6 to 8 people are get infected by the still incurable epidemic, and this is just the Philippines!

To spread the awareness I've attended Project Headshot Clinic's new campaign COMMIT at Victoria Court, Malate, Manila. I have participated with the Red Whistle Bloggers' Night which the post also contained useful information for people who want to be tested and contact numbers of agencies one can use if in case of doubt or reassurance being free of the deadly virus before one may spread it to friends and loved ones.

I also got new information about how the virus can spread and shattered the old things about the disease. Better review these facts and share them to family and friends to be informed than be victims of the pandemic and public discrimination.
Basically here are the FACTS

  • HIV can be transferred via 4 body fluids which posses high concentration of the virus namely:
    • Seminal fluid
    • Vaginal discharge
    • Blood
    • Breastmilk
  • The most common way of  infection is unprotected sex, and others via blood transfusion, and mother to child infection.
  • As of today, there is still no proven cure for this disease, and may take more years to develop a solution to this one unlike cancer and diabetes.
  • The rise of the infections in the Philippines is attributed with the rise of BPO jobs where people engage with more sexual partners.
  • HIV is a virus, when infected may take 3 months before it can be detected by tests. When it matures and spreads all over the body it will break down the immune system and this condition is now called the AIDS.
How Keep Yourself Safe?
Just Folllow ABCDE!

A- Abstinence. Life is not all sexy time learn to divert things into other things you can still find fun.
B- Be mutually faithful to your partner. Being faithful is a gift not a chore. This also make bonds stronger.
C- Correct Use of Condoms. Knowing how to use and dispose them are essential otherwise might still cause infection or unwanted pregnancy. 
D - Do not share needles and other things that may risk you of having HIV-AIDS. Make sure to check that these are exclusively for personal and one time use only.
E-Educate yourself with Take the Test Project. Gearing for what lies ahead can give you the correct path you should go and follow. Also helping others about this would be a great help.

We want you to Take The Test and we want you all to Commit. If you don't have the time to join the photo campaign, at least join the advocacy by becoming an official Take The Test Educator. Do check the Take The Test Project, The Red Whistle, Project Headshot Clinic Facebook Page for details. Training starts Dec. 4, 2011. 

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