HEALTHY LYF: Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

Running maybe the in thing today but being fit and healthy is more than just a hobby but a lifestyle. It starts with eating the right kid of food and indeed it hard to find those kinds especially with a lot of fast food and unhealthy varieties.

But there is a rise in the centers of wellness that only provides healthy foods but also some other activities that promotes the alternative lifestyle to fitness and also get us into interesting hobbies such as Yoga and (wait for it...) Archery! All of these are offered at this one of a kind establishment called GANDIVA CAFE.

Gandiva Cafe is located at the 7th floor of One Corporate Center in Ortigas. And at first glance you will see the 18 meter archery range/yoga studio. This entices you to try out these activities after dinning at their restaurant.

Gandiva cafe caters to lacto-vegan and vegan people with ingredients fresh and organic, assures a healthy alternative. We tried some of their menu like the Pizza, Burger and Pasta, and yes no meat! Surprizingly, I find them really good and tasty. They also sell other merchandise like organic foods, mugs etc. And of course, they sell archery stuff too!

Speaking of Archery, this is one of my most awaited moments to try the sport I so wanted to do. Named after the legendary bow in the Mahabharata story, it looks  like a great training ground for people like me to are beginners to the sport.

Before the archery games, we were also introduced to the National Yoga Club which is also another interesting hobby to do to stay fit. The owners is also making plans to make the archery range a yoga studio at certain dates to promote yoga too.

Now I was indeed excited to try archery as a first timer. We were given 3 tries to pop a balloon at a distance. We used a basic bow, though simple at it may look is complicated and dangerous when not used properly. Proper gear must be observed to prevent accidents . 

For the first two tries were strong yet fell at the wrong target. But after adjusting my perception and focus the last try was a success!  And inside the balloon was a prize, a keychain! I love to try this sport again soon, which I think is my new calling.

So get out of the couch and try this fun lifestyle of food, fun and sports at the Gandiva Cafe!

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