Blah Blah Blogs BER edition/Rainy Days


Due to the inconsistent weather pattern that is affecting not only our country but the whole world, the BER edition also had a sudden change of heart back to RAINY DAYS. Yes, its the rainy days again. To think that its alrady december and the expected December cold breeze should have arrived  since the last week of November.

But there was indeed a odd delay of the expected weather that we shoul be having here in the Philippines. It would be either be too hot or too wet. I won't be surprized if we will experienece hail or snow and cheeseburgers in the coming weeks.

Was it due to climate change? I guess... or probably Mother Eath might have her own period like women, and might get cranky. And yes, it is still our fault.

I think we are not a tropical country anymore, lets say we can be classified as Monsoon country. Ironically being an archepelago and  struck by wet weather we face a future water crisis in the main cities. I wish we could invent a machine that converts rain into electricity (which is possible by a hydro-electric set up, but rain is too vast to be collected) and have probably generated megawatts of electricity that also does not pollute.

Back to the Bed weather, it now feels a different christmas. Probably the cold breeze may come on summer (which I think is cool). Though it really sucks to do Christmas shopping and vacation at these times, either be wet or burn like hell. 

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