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Ward 448, Debunking the HIV Stigma, Sowing Compassion and Understanding, Giving Information

“WARD 448” a play written and directed by Rodel Mercado is a trilogy that presents the stories of individuals that have HIV virus affliction. The play depicts the fight-or-flight response of persons infected with this devastating and life-threatening disease and how discrimination, ignorance and the stigma exacerbate the predicament of the persons with HIV.

From the point of view and reportage of Jennylyn Braza, a news reporter with Karina Macaspac and Jenney Cañeja as alternates, the story of three (3) RITM in-patients who stay in the same ward will figure in their news story.

The headliners are Carla Mae, a mother of three with Anna Escobia and Justine Torralba as alternates; the men who have sex with other men group who work at BPO are VJ Mendoza, Kevin Posadas and Rey Correjado; and seasoned thespians Ronnie Martinez and Roeder Camanag who alternately portray Francis, a jaded drag performer. 

Durex strengthens PPE campaign to help address STI and HIV incidence in the Philippines

With over a year in lockdown, we find ourselves still in the midst of the pandemic, cautious yet with a glint of optimism with COVID-19 vaccine roll-out. Raising awareness of safe sex and sexually-transmitted diseases has become more relevant as the Philippines currently records 29 cases per day as of January 2021 according to the Department of Health (DOH). The agency has tagged HIV as a continuing public threat, and has called for the continued cooperation and collaboration of all local communities, civil society organizations, key stakeholders, and the government in jointly addressing this pressing matter.

As part of its mission to protect Filipinos from the threats of sexually-transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS, Durex continues to promote the importance of using proper protection during sexual intercourse through education and awareness programs. Durex carries on with its own impactful initiatives under its Protection and Preparedness Education (PPE) campaign.

Durex advances Protection and Preparedness Education Campaign by donating PPEs to HIV-advocate groups

Durex, a brand that advocates HIV Awareness and health safety, donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to local HIV-advocate groups as part of their Protection and Preparedness Education Campaign, just in time for World AIDS Day.

A total of 1000 face masks, 1000 face shields, and 7000 boxes of Durex Condoms were each turned over to LoveYourself, The Red Whistle, and the PLHIV Response Center to help boost their efforts to combat HIV/AIDS amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and promote health safety.

The brand has been consistent in its efforts to spread HIV Awareness ever since the lockdown started here in the country. Launching the Protection and Preparedness Education campaign last September, Durex aims to further raise awareness on the importance of using PPEs like face masks and condoms to curb the COVID-19 pandemic and HIV epidemic in the country. They aim to remind Filipinos that alongside COVID-19, HIV is still a growing health crisis and that it deserves everyone’s utmost attention.

HIV awareness must be made more understandable for young adults

Durex Philippines recently launched its Always Come Prepared
 campaign that aims create HIV awareness and help prevent it.
 Key organizations--UNAIDS, Love Yourself, and advocates
 from the medical field, and Boys Night Out (BNO), joined hands 
with Durex on its mission to curb HIV in the country. 
(L-R) BNO's Slick Rick, Reckitt Benckiser Read for regulatory 
Atty. Ricky Salvador, Sex Therapist Dr. Rica Cruz, 
UNAIDS Country Director for the Philippines Dr. Louie Ocampo, 
Reckitt Benckiser General Manager Chris Ritchie, Infectious Diseases 
Expert Dr. Marion Kwek, Love Yourself and Safe Spaces advocate
 Losif Cadelina, and BNO's Toni Tony and Sam YG.
Only 15 percent of young adults aged 15 to 24 years old have knowledge about HIV prevention, a UNAIDS Philippines study showed. The lack of an extensive sex education in the curriculum is seen as a contributing factor—directly or indirectly—to the country’s high HIV growth rate.

Discussions on the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV have always been done in extremes – either it is too technical and clinical or it is peppered with myths and falsehoods – creating a large disconnect with young adults, the audience who matter the most.

“We believe that education is the best way to prevent HIV, especially among the young adults. If they are equipped with the right knowledge about HIV and its potential risks to their health, we believe that they stand a chance in protecting themselves against the chronic disease,” said (Karol Canlas) Durex Philippines (Brand Manager).

Segundo Matias Jr.'s Mga Batang Poz Tell The Stories Of The Millenial PLHIV

With the rising cases of HIV-AIDS in the country, the need for information about the disease is a need for all as many are still stuck with misinformation, and disgust with the people who are afflicted by this condition. We must first know, that it is a death sentence for them, given that there are treatments and lifetsyle adjustments that can be made that actually makes their live more normal.

Recently, Segundo Matais Jr., author of the book series Moymoy Lulumboy, launched his newest young adult book "Mga Batang Poz" published by Lampara Punlishing House. The book talks about the lives of young people living with HIV and the stories that each have that uncovers the journey and how they are all connected.

Durex launches campaign to curb rising HIV cases in the country

Globally, the incidence of new transmissions of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) has slowed down. In the Philippines, however, official data from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) show that there has been a 174 percent increase in HIV cases since 2010.

“There is an urgent and pressing need to curb the infection. While the rest of the world has decreasing rates, we are going the opposite way. This is something that is very alarming,” said Karol Canlas, Brand Manager of Durex Philippines.

Asia-Pacific region facing a ‘hidden epidemic’ of HIV among adolescents, new report finds

The Asia-Pacific region is facing a ‘hidden epidemic’ of HIV among adolescents. There were an estimated 50,000 new HIV infections among adolescents aged 15-19 in 2014, accounting for 15 percent of new infections. There are now around 220,000 adolescents living with HIV in the region, with large cities like Manila, Bangkok, Hanoi and Jakarta hubs of new infections.

Although new HIV infections are falling overall, they are rising among adolescents from key populations, in particular young gay men and other men who have sex with men. The rise in new infections coincides with an increase in risky behaviour, such as multiple sexual partners and inconsistent condom use.

COMMIT to End HIV/AIDS (Headshot and Education)

TODAY IS WORLD AIDS DAY 2011. I do believe in the power of education and the right choices. And knowing the true facts about HIV/AIDS and how to prevent them. Why need to talk about this? Its because everyday 6 to 8 people are get infected by the still incurable epidemic, and this is just the Philippines!

To spread the awareness I've attended Project Headshot Clinic's new campaign COMMIT at Victoria Court, Malate, Manila. I have participated with the Red Whistle Bloggers' Night which the post also contained useful information for people who want to be tested and contact numbers of agencies one can use if in case of doubt or reassurance being free of the deadly virus before one may spread it to friends and loved ones.

I also got new information about how the virus can spread and shattered the old things about the disease. Better review these facts and share them to family and friends to be informed than be victims of the pandemic and public discrimination.


Now with 7 Billion people in the world, the problems also grew like hunger, housing and most especially health. Though many sickness can be cured by medicines today, the HIV/AIDS epidemic remains the most alarming sickness that infects 6 people everyday in the country. And the complications that come with it gives the infected person agonizing pain and also rejection from society.

Now is the perfect time to spread the awareness about HIV/AIDS so that more people may get to know how it is transferred and how to prevent it. 

The Philippines is facing an alarming rise in HIV infection. Six new infections are recorded everyday, an exponential leap from the ‘low and slow’ character of the epidemic before 2007. There are also reports of undocumented HIV-related deaths, a manifestation of the invisibility of the epidemic and its impact. Evidence indicates that the increase is driven by the lack of awareness and appreciation of the risks of HIV infection due to unprotected sex, which is aggravated by fear and stigma that surround the virus and the people living with HIV and AIDS. 

The Red Whistle Campaign is a response to this alarming situation. The emerging trend shows that the current prevention programs are insufficient, and the communities affected by the epidemic must be mobilized into action to support initiatives that aim to stop the epidemic. 

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