Blah Blah Blogs: Trial by Storms

I don't know but sometimes the best wisdom comes out when we are our lowest point. And in today very surreal weather that they say have surpassed Ondoy in terms of damage and coverage has made us very weary and afraid. I am afraid too, not only for my self but also for my family who lives up north, my relatives in Pasig and Quezon City and all my friends from all parts of the Metro who have also experience the same heavy downpour. 

We were very lucky back in Ondoy as we live 4 storeys up in a uphill part of Sampaloc-Sta Mesa. But still it was really gruesome to see the aftermath of the storm. Mud all around, the smell of stench that remained on the street for days and also the sad news of the people who died. As much as we don't want that to happen again, we cannot dictate nature. Earth has been formed with powerful storms and earthquakes which make me realize that what we humans are still at her mercy. To us to survive, we must still do a lot of work. 

In the midst of the storm that is happening right now, it time to first set aside our differences, our wars, our individualism, what small thing that you do may it be physical, emotional, digital or spiritual help is what we need right now. On regular days we don't know the people around us that we pass by, but at this time of crisis every small interaction counts. It can save a life, it can work miracles, It can even calm the strongest storms that we could only imagine in our nightmares. 

What Ondoy left us 3 years ago caused a lot of destruction and grief, but our spirits were not. We are also a nation of smiles, despite poverty and problems we prevail. As tony meloto said: ‎"A country of victims is also a country of heroes - risking their lives so others will live. This is the Phil, the country we love."

Stay Strong, Help Others, Pray.

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