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Krizza Neri has indeed growing out of her shell and venturing into the world of entertainment with the release of her new self-titled album, Kirzza. From the reality show Protégé, she is now on her way to be the next singing idols of the country. 

Sometimes to hear (and to see) is believing, so at her Listening Party recently with other bloggers and online media, she showed that her talent was indeed refined by practice and various competition. And at her young age, she is definitely ahead of singers of her age. No wonder she won the competition.

And in he listening party, there was no band, nor guitar, just pure voice. That really impressed us, when she sang some songs in the album as well jammed with the other bloggers (will post videos soon). I will also post a album review soon, so stay tuned...

Protégé Grand Winner, KRIZZA NERI launches first self-titled album

The protégé and the mentor finally released the highly-anticipated self-titled album, Krizza. “Krizza” features most requested songs from Protégé and OPM originals composed by the music icons of today. The carrier single, “Ba’t Di Ko Ba Nasabi” is the original soundtrack from GMA-7’s The Good Daughter. The album has 10 tracks with 2 OPM remakes showing the soulful, edgy and R&B distinct voice of Krizza Neri at her best. 

Grand Winner Mentor, Actress and Singer-Songwriter Aiza Seguerra produced the album under her own label Blackbird Music and contributed two original tracks, “Kung Malalaman Mo” and “Look My Way”. “I am extremely happy also that some of the songs from Protégé most requested by viewers are included in the album”, says Aiza. 

The mentor shares a song of longing with guitar-accompaniment with “Look My Way” with lyrics from Joel Trinidad creating a beautiful romantic pop-soulful tune. Singer-Composer Nyoy Volante (“No More You and Me”) and Laarni Matta Macaraeg (“Dahil Sa ‘Yo”) completes the romance and inspiration with songs that move and uplift any mood of any day. Jude Thaddeus Gitamondoc contributed preppy youthful songs “French Fries and Coke” and “Don’t Be Too Much” that suits the 16-year old protégé Krizza Neri many of the teens anticipate to relate and sing-along with.  

Memorable songs from Protégé are also included; “Narda”(originally sung by Kamikaze band) and the powerful medley of standard pop birit we’ve seen Krizza Neri sung, “If I Could/Wind Beneath My Wings” and “Could Have Been”. Finally, the Mentor, Singer-Songwriter, Music Icon Ogie Alcasid shares his original song, “Bakit Ka Lumayo” completing the powerful melody of love in the album. Krizza is distributed under Universal records.

1. Look My Way
2. No More You and Me
3. Dahil Sa Iyo
4. French Fries and Coke
5. Don’t Be Too Much
6. Kung Malalaman Mo
7. Narda
8. If I Could/Wind Beneath My Wings
9. Could Have Been
10. Bakit Ka Lumayo
Bonus Track: Ba’t Di Ko Nasabi

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