XSTIG: MOVE App By Meralco

Mobile Applications brings a lot of convenience to many of us because of the many things they can do for us. From playing games, organizing notes, even do mobile blogging. And this makes our mobile devices very helpful, and now, Meralco, the country's largest distributor of power in the country, created a very amazing app that will further help us with our daily living.

Imagine an application that calculates your appliances' daily, weekly and monthly electric consumption and informs you about power interruptions and notifications. Helps you in knowing about your bill and also know where would be the nearest bayad centers for easy bill payments. Yes, all of these are found in the MeralcO Virtual Engine (MOVE) App! 

I installed them on all my android devices and helps me in calculating my daily electric consumption and gives me tips on how to save on electricity and also improve efficiency of appliances.


Meralco recently launched the MeralcO Virtual Engine (MOVE), a free app suite designed for Filipinos with six apps that provide round-the-clock access to the electric company’s services through smart phones or tablets.

Seeing that most of its customers are often online, Meralco wanted to offer assistance right where they spend much of their time. The MOVE apps provide Meralco customers with different benefits to bring ease and convenience in managing their electricity concerns:

1.      Apps that offer location help

          a. Meralco Office Directory –You can find the nearest Meralco office in your area

          b. Bayad Center – Find out where you can conveniently pay your Meralco bill

2.      Apps for consumption control

          a. Meralco Appliance Calculator- Easily compute the amount of electricity an appliance consumes

          b. Bright Ideas – Learn better ways to use and save on electricity

3.      Apps that help in planning ahead

          a. Power Maintenance Schedule- Stay up to date on the power maintenance schedule in your area

          b. E-Meralco bill –View your latest bill even when you’re on the go

MeraclO Virtual Engine (MOVE) is available in iOS and Google Play

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