2nd Skills-Up Training for OFWs Launched By Villar Foundation

OFWs around the world still contribute an important  portion of the GDP of the country however there is a number of them that are abused, underpaid and sent back with empty handed. Though many of them find it hard to find work locally and unable to start a business. The Villar Foundation, led by its Managing Director Cynthia Villar, launched the 2nd OFW Skills-up Training recently in Masibay, Las Piñas. 

With the aim of helping repatriated OFWs and their families who are having difficulty in finding employment, the program provides necessary skills training, particularly commercial cooking and housekeeping.

Thirty (30) OFWs and immediate relatives of OFWs from different provinces were sponsored by the Villar Foundation to be scholars of the vocational skills training that will run for 3 months, including their on-the-job training, at Tech Pacific College, Cubao, Quezon City.

Jacquelyn Costuna, who was one of the three distressed OFWs that were recently repatriated from Dubai through the help of the Villar Foundation, is one of the scholars of the skills-up training. It can be recalled that the 24-year-old domestic helper from Sta. Cruz, Manila ran away from her employer because she was being maltreated and abused.

 “We know how difficult it is for our repatriated OFWs and their families to get back to their feet after their dreadful experiences abroad. Bringing home our distressed OFWs is not enough, but it’s just a first step in helping them. The skills-up training will equip them with skills they need so they can find a better employment or they can start a small business of their own after completing the training,” explained former Congw. Villar.

Recognizing the importance of helping repatriated OFWs get reintegrated again to the society, Congw. Villar assured that she will continue in every way she can to empower OFWs by sponsoring skills-up trainings and livelihood seminars. 

The Villar Foundation has been repatriating distressed OFWs for years. It has forged partnerships with various organizations like Blas Ople Policy Center and Go Negosyo that can assist returning OFWs gain the necessary skills that will allow them to find employment locally or set up their own businesses.

For more details about OFW-related activities and other programs of the Villar Foundation, please visit its website: www.villarfoundation.org

OFW Skills-Up Program of The Villar Foundation

Besides repatriating distressed or troubled OFWs, the Villar Foundation also provides them livelihood opportunities. The foundation has forged partnerships with various organizations like the Ople Center that can assist returning OFWs gain the necessary skills that will allow them to find employment locally, or better yet, to set up their own enterprises.

The first Skills-Up Program was launched in 2010 in partnership with the Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Training Institute and in cooperation with the Asian School of Hospitality Arts (ASHA). The beneficiaries were 20 victims of human trafficking and illegal recruitment and human trafficking victims from Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.  

For its initial phase, the chosen scholars were enrolled in a three-month course on hotel housekeeping and baristas at the ASHA, a sister company of the Center for Culinary Arts. The final one-and-a-half months of training involved paid apprenticeships at selected restaurants and coffee shops run by the Coffee Beanery and the Cravings Group.

The first batch of Skills-Up trainees is now gainfully employed. Women and family breadwinners are typically given priority in granting livelihood assistance.

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