MUSIC LYF: Gloc-9 - MKNM (Mga Kwento Ng Makta) BlogCon

After the launch of Gloc-9's new album MKNM, I really loved the songs in the album which I have also made into the first Listening Room Album Review. Yet there were actually some things I still want to ask him with his new album and his new recording label under Universal Records Philippines. Luckily, they had a Gloc-9 Bloggers' Conference in cooperation with Pinoy Magazine, Franci Magalona Clothing Company, and Universal Records.

In the BlogCon, Gloc-9 reintroduced himself on his roots, his current status with his career and family, and of course his latest album MKNM (Mga Kwento ng Makata). One of the things that grabbed the attention of group is the first single with Ebe Dancel, "Sirena" which talks about the perdicament of gay men in society. The song actually topped several countdowns, including the Myx Daly top ten. And like his previous album, songs here are collaborations with great and legendary artists like Bamboo, Billy Crawford, Chito Miranda, Jay Durias to name a few. Also this would be the first album where he is working with her Protege, Denise.
He said that this is the album he spent the longest time in producing as compared with his previous ones which took around 3 months in production. He is also happy with Universal Records with this album will be the first one under the label. I can say that his songs are still socially relevant with each having its own theme and music style yet when listening to the whole album weaves a great story that still leaves you feel good.

To see what the album contains and what I can say about each song, you can visit the LISTENING ROOM post for MKNM. The album is now available in record bars nationwide. You can also download the songs/album via

Special thanks to Pinoy Magazine,, and Universal Records. 

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