What Does Nash Aguas Find Attractive?

Following another feud between Benj (Nash Aguas) and Lexie (Alexa Ilacad), it looks like the leader of The Breakers finds another one of the girls attractive, and this week’s episode of “LUV U” is set to reveal just what exactly he likes when it comes to the young ladies.

Benj and Lexie aren’t on good terms again because of the selfish series of pranks that Nash had been pulling off. She totally forgets about just letting things pass and forgets to understand that Benj has his own issues at home. Benj still has a a lot to admit—and it’s about time he starts owning up to things.

Leading up to one of Benj’s confessions is an event from last week’s episode, where a graffiti drawing was found on the wall of the boys’ bathroom, which shows Marj (Mika dela Cruz) without glasses. Needing to find out who was responsible for the drawing of her face, she confronts the boys of The Breakers one by one.

While all of this is going on, The Breakers lie low and don’t have any mischief planned. Bored because nothing is happening, Archie (Kobi Vidanes) declares himself the new leader of The Breakers and starts planning pranks. 

Will Archie take over the group and take Benj’s position now that Benj is vulnerable? Will Marj finally figure out who drew her face on the wall? Apart from that, will Lexie and Benj patch things up so that someone can help him fix the problems that he has outside of school?

Catch all the things to be revealed in Sunday’s (August 11) episode of “LUV U” airing on ABS-CBN Channel 2 after “ASAP 18”

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