Juan Minute: Binoy Henyo

Its fun to see a unique tandem of mother and son in a series especially when that kid is very smart, which is what Binoy Henyo brings to its audiences. The tandem of Agnes Santos (Sheena Halili) and Binoy (David Remo), is both cute and also lovable on screen even when the face problems.

If raising a child is difficult, having a gifted child is more of a challenge. Binoy, despite his age, proves to be resourceful yet keeps humble with his works. And like other kids, he is still fragile with his emotions especially he grew up never knowing his father. In the latest episodes, Binoy was able to meet his father Francis Sandoval (Luis Alandy) however he has a new family.

Everyone will also love characaters of Lola Chato (Nova VIlla), Josie (Rich Asuncion), Emily Sandoval (Gwen Zamora), Len-Len (Angel Satsumi), and the robot he built "Bibot".

In the recent BlogCon with Sheena, Rich, Lucho, Angel, and David, the cast were able to share their experiences as part of show. Sheena and Rich were part of Starsrtuck and has gone a long way with projects from the Kapuso Network like Amaya, Indio, and Aso ni San Roque to name a few. From Indio, Lucho Ayala now plays the brother of Luis in the series and also shares that he still goes to school as well as Rich Asuncion.

Binoy Henyo is never complete without the kids, Angel Satsumi as Len-Len and David Remo as Binoy, both very young but talented playing roles which requires wit and charm. Angel does what like other girls do which is to play with her barbies and love the color pink. David, on the other hand is very active, speaks a lot, and laughs a lot. There traits is what Binoy and him have in common.

Sheena Halili and David Remo really clicked as a mother and son tandem in Binoy Henyo

For Sheena Halili, having played a mother role is the biggest challenge for her. And the lesson the show imparted are the greatest reward she got. "by now, lalo kong nararamdaman na maswerte ako dahil may mom ako who guided me all along. Yung portrayal ko as Agnes opened me to the sacrifices mothers do just for their children."

David, on the other hand, enjoyed his role as Binoy as this is the first starring role he has played. At 6 years old, David showed great potential to be a good child actor that not all children his age can offer.

Binoy Henyo's storyline teaches parents to raise their kids to be the best they can be while highlighting the importance of maintaining a dtrong parental involvement in every child's learning and development. Hence, the program believes that a encouraging parent is every child's greatest asset.

Completing the all-star cast are Gwen Zamora, who plays the role of Emily; Rich Asuncion as Josie, Binoy's teacher; Frenchescka Farr, as Sandy, Emily's Scheming cousin; Lucho Ayala as Jaime, Francis' younger brother; Angel Satsumi as Len-Len, Binoy's best friend.

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