The Top 10 Kilig Moments from With a Smile

Last June, GMA Network aired its light comedy-drama soap  “With a Smile” it revolves around the love team of Isay (Andrea Torres), Aston (Christian Bautista) and Dean (Mikael Daez). The show also features the fresh 4 way pair-up of Shelley Hipolito, Kimpoy Feliciano, Jak Roberto and Mikoy Morales .  Now on its 10th week, fans continue to reminisce their favorite scenes from the hit morning soap.

Here are the top 10 unforgettable “kilig” moments.

10. A shoulder to cry on: Isay expressed her feeling for her family as Dean comforts her.

9. Lucky Pingan: Aston’s personalized plate for Isay as he expressed how thankful he is for their friendship.

8. May the best man win: Dean and Aston show their moves in comforting Isay.

7. Dean and Patricia: Their first on screen kiss marks the start of Dean’s new chapter in his life.

6. What next for Aston: In this episode Aston shows his “ pag-seselos” as Dean courts Isay.

5.Kimpoy on With a Smile: Netizens went crazy as Kimpoy Feliciano debuts in the soap with a pick up line” Para sa babaeng maganda pa sa umaga, Coffee or me?”

4. Peace offering: Isay gives Aston a cake as her peace offering for not attending in a concert-date with Aston.

3. A glimpse of heaven: Aston and Isay take a “selfie” together before Isay’s “first date fail” with Isay.

2. Stolen Kiss: Dean’s first time in the compound as he kissed Isay goodnight in front of the whole crowd. Aston was speechless.

1. The Date: Aston shows Isay a proper date by setting up a candle light dinner.

The love story grows deeper as Aston and Dean expressed what they feel for Isay. Whats next for the “Isaw girl” from Davao? Catch “With a Smile every morning Monday to Friday after Kusina Master Don’t forget to like and follow its official Facebook page and Twitter account

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