BPI offers free access to BPI Express Mobile app to Globe subscribers

Remember the BPI Expres Mobile App that has been featured here? Well it has not only became the most downloaded Financial App in the Philippines both for Android and iOS, but is now also partnering with another big company that will provide more users to optimize it use for more financial freedom and management that goes beyond expectations.

This time, they have partnered with Globe Telecoms to provide FREE use of the BPI Express Mobile App free until August 31, with no data charge to let clients use the app even if there is no wifi available and needs to check on their accounts.

Most downloaded finance app becomes even more accessible

The BPI Express Mobile app, the most downloaded finance app in the country, becomes even more accessible, as the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) today launches free access to the widely used app to Globe Telecom’s over 38 million prepaid, postpaid and TM customers.

From April 30 to August 31, 2014, Globe subscribers will enjoy having no data charges whenever they log on and transact using the BPI Express Mobile app.

“BPI has always been at the forefront of introducing new channels for our clients to access their accounts conveniently. The BPI Express Mobile app, our latest innovation, is doing very well. Since its re-launch in June last year, it has consistently been the number one downloaded finance app in the country,” says SVP Manuel C. Tagaza, Electronic Channels Group Head.

“In line with the Bank’s new corporate slogan, ‘Make the Best Happen,’ we not only want to offer the best mobile banking channel in the country; we also want to make mobile banking even more accessible by providing free access to all Globe and TM subscribers–no service fee to transact, no data charges to access. This is definitely another milestone for us.”

“This partnership with BPI enforces our customers’ digital lifestyles, where access to the mobile phone is not just about calls and texts, but financial services as well. With the growing smartphone users, more customers will definitely benefit from this wonderful service using our robust mobile data network with the largest 4G coverage nationwide, giving subscribers faster and seamless connectivity and making the banking experience more convenient through the use of a smartphone,” says Daniel Horan, Senior Advisor for Consumer Business at Globe. “From offering our subscribers free online services, we want to get more Filipinos online and fully embrace the smartphone and data revolution. With the free access to the BPI Express Mobile app, banking has become easier, more convenient, and definitely more affordable.”

With just a swipe of the finger

Mobile banking has never been more accessible, with the prevalent use of smartphones in the country. With the BPI Express Mobile app, instead of queuing in bank branches, users can complete banking transactions using their mobile phones in as fast as 30 seconds.

With the BPI Express Mobile app, people can pay their bills, transfer money to other BPI clients, invest, and reload their prepaid phone–wherever they are, whenever they want.

“The BPI Express Mobile app lets you track your finances conveniently. And when you have a 24/7 view of where your money is going, you can manage it easily and wisely,” explains Tagaza.

With the power of the Southeast Asia’s first bank in your pocket, you can make your budgeting less of a chore and kiss unaccounted-for expenses goodbye.

The power of banking within easy reach

This promo is another first for both BPI and Globe, with both companies being at the forefront of innovation in banking and telecommunications.

“Globe is the perfect provider to help us in this project because their services have always been focused on helping people by bringing them together through telecommunication,” says Tagaza. “We have the same aim, that is, to help people live their lives better.”

The BPI Express Mobile app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store, Google Play, and Blackberry App World. Downloading the app itself will accumulate corresponding data charges. More information about the promo can be found on www.bpiexpressonline.com.

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