Go, Glow, And Grow At Baby Blast year 5!

Rearing a child in this modern and terribly fast-paced environment is a challenge most parents have. You may be happy to see your child developing a skill in one developmental aspect, but he or she may be lacking in another. How do you identify problem areas and help him or her reach their full potential?

Outbox Media Production Agency once again invites you to the grandest family event of the year! Running on its 5th year, “BABY BLAST!” an annual event focusing on the importance of Early Head Start (EHS) Education, continues to bring together EHS advocates, teachers, doctors, parents and kids, through a fun-filled family event happening at the Trinoma Activity Center on May 25, 2014, from 10am-7pm.

Since 2010, Baby Blast has spread awareness that enjoyable, unforced learning, as well as hands-on play and parent-child bonding during the age of 0-3 years is critical in laying down the foundation for the child’s future learning and holistic development. Every year, attendance to the event grows in number, as more families enjoy the fun activities and learn from the featured topics.
This year, “BABY BLAST 5: READY, SET…GO, GLOW, GROW – A Fun-O-lympics for the Whole Family!” focuses on fostering development in 3 areas: GO – physical and motor skills; GLOW – mental and cognitive skills; and GROW – nutrition and health needs.

The event will feature entertaining talks on health, parenting and education from experts, parents and teachers, Early Head Start demos, exhibits, booths and fun activities! Aside from the onstage program and activities, this year’s exhibit areas will focus on the GO, GLOW & GROW model, divided into age groups, that will help parents identify particular areas where their children’s development may need some help with: Celebrity moms and dads will be hosting the onstage program and facilitate discussions with guest speakers.


·         6-12 months – CRAWLING RACE

·         1-2 years old – BUILDING BLOCKS

·         3 years old – DRESSING UP

·         4 years old – PATTERNS

·         5-7 years old – RELAY GAMES



·         MOVE IT! (Triathlon Kinect Station)

·         CREATIVITY CORNER (Arts & Crafts)

·         OBM-LYMPICS AREA (Sports Game Booths, Face Painting)

They have also have online contests and pre-registration happening before the day of the event:

The event is made possible by: Ceelin, Rite Med, Bounty Fresh Chicken, Water Front Hotels and Casino, Ferna Hot Cakes, Oishi, Uratex and Robby Rabbit.

See you all at BABY BLAST 5!

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