GMA Afternoon Prime BlogCon (Villa Quintana, Innamorata, The Borrowed Wife)

GMA Afternoon soaps has defined Pinoy TV viewing in the afternoon. And they have brought many unique yet lovable shows that has go the viewers hooked in the siesta hours where it is the most vunerable hours of TV. And the stories won't bore you with a regular love story, or a filler to dead hours. With all original series and a line up of the best Kapuso stars, these are just some of the reasons many are hooked to the "Dramarama sa Hapon" or GMA Afternoon Prime. We had a chance to mingle with the Stars of the 3 series; Villa Quintana, Innamorata; and The Borrowed Wife.

Starting after Eat Bulaga, Villa Quintana opens the Afternoon Prime with the loveteam of Elmo Magalona and Janine Gutierrez. Which is a revival of the hit telenovela of the same title in the 90s starring Kimpee De Leon and Donna Cruz. Elmo and Janine today takes the roles of Isagani and Lynette which has been running for 5 months and now on its final weeks.

Though it may be on its finale, fans and viewers have loyaly followed the series which gave the production the reson to extend its original run. The new love team of Elmo and Janine also brought "kilig" to fans even Elmo is now independent from the "JuliElmo" love team. 

Next is Innamorata, a love story with some elements of mystery and fantasy. The cast still considers the series a Drama beacuse of the emotional scenes. I also remembered visiting their set in Rizal which is also a place of mystery. Innamorata stars Max Collins, Luis Alandy, and Gwen Zamora. Now on mid-season, the secret of the painting, the necklace and the woman is finally revealed as well as the links between families has made a shocking turn to the lovers Esperanza and Edwin. 

Gwen plays Alejandra in the series and is also the mystery woman in the painting which is one of the treats to Esperanza and her loved ones. The series would even bring chills to hot afternoons with some suspense that makes it unique but entertaining.

To cap off the block, we have The Borrowed Wife with Camille Pratts, Pauleen Luna, TJ Trinidad and Rafael Rossell. This powerhouse cast brings a lot of intensity to the Afternoon  viewing with a heavier drama just like primetime. Camille and Pauleen's characters Tessa and Sophia encounters would shatter percetions of the previous roles they did which either you will love or hate.

All intensity also goes out to the men, TJ and Rafael who plays Earl and Rico respectively. Both aslo came from primetime and afternoon shows like Genesis and Maghihintay Pa Rin and still bankable stars of the Kapuso Network. They actually still look fresh even they have been in the industry for  more than 10 years. 

These interesting mix of actors and shows makes the afternoon block a habit for the pinoy TV viewer. Though the shows are also nearing their own finale, they intend to make its mark to fans and viewers. 

The BlogCon of the shows made fun with song numbers from Elmo and Janine From Villa Quintana, Luis for Innamorata, and Rafael Rossel for The Borrowed Wife. Food and games were shared as well as having moments with the stars like Pauleen, TJ, Rafael and Camille are both new to the BlogCon experience. The cast is very thankful for the support for their shows and excited for more BlogCons to come.

Catch Villa Quintana, Innamorata, and the Borrowed wife at GMA Afternoon Prime after Eat Bulaga. 

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