Meet The New Endorsers of Victoria Court!

Aubrey, Troy and their son Hunter
Victoria Court is undergoing a lot of changes, and they have leveled up with their thematic rooms which has captured the attention of the public as well as patrons. And it does not stop there, as they are improving their facilities and services, they are going a step ahead their competitors. 

Now, they are introducing new members to their family...well it is literally a family of the celebrity couple Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles together with their son Hunter. This gorgeous family will be the new faces for Victoria Court promoting on their branches as well as their family-friendly amenities that will attract families and friends to check out Victoria Court.

Asgard Room
Though Troy and Aubrey are both focused with their family life, they do still have endorsements and projects which keeps them busy. Some of Victoria Court's theme rooms include Casino Royale (inspired from the James Bond movie), Asgard (From the movie Thor), and the Red Room (Fifty Shades of Grey).

Preferences and services can actually be customised with the Room Recommender from their website. With Troy, Aubrey and Hunter as the new faces for Victoria Court, it will also be interesting how the promotional materials will look bringing a new vibe to the Classic Victoria Court.

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