Wonder Pets: Loyalty, Heroism and Unconditional Love

It’s always a wonderful treat for pet owners to feel that warm compassion from pets. Their devotion is unwavering especially because it is rooted from the owners’ love and care. While pets are naturally and unconditionally affectionate, it is important to improve the human-pet connection through responsible upbringing.

Pet Food Institute (PFI), the voice of the US pet food industry, believes that good nutrition leads to a healthy experience and long life for both owners and pet cats and dogs. With its Well-fed, Well-nurtured campaign geared towards responsible pet ownership through proper nutrition and care, PFI urges pet owners to practice responsible pet care as the key foundation in building a good relationship.

Human-pet relationships have been immortalized in films and media. Like the story of Hachiko, he has touched the hearts of millions through his fidelity for his beloved master even after his death. But this well-loved canine did not develop his amazing loyalty out of mere instinct; it’s out from his master’s proper care.

Human-pet bond is influenced by emotional, psychological and physical interactions that are essential to the health and wellbeing of both owners and their furry friends. While this bond is a contributing factor in upholding the pet’s wellbeing, a right kind of diet and good exercise should also be taken into account.

Establishing a strong connection coincides with the responsibility of fulfilling the pet’s needs and desires. Cats and dogs enjoy a bit of adventure. Engaging in physical activities boosts the level of comfort between pet and their owners. Moreover, this will improve the pet’s sleeping habits, increase their strength, and decrease stress. A regular morning walk or jog can solidify the bond owners and pets share. Adding a few perks during the physical activities like fetching, or taking a hike can amplify the bond to a long lasting relationship.

Like how a mother cares for her young, pet owners have the magic touch to win their pet’s trust and comfort. A good way to strengthen the bond is through physical interaction. Grooming is more than a process of cleaning. Recent studies suggest animals also socially bond during priming. To do this, pet owners can invest on good stainless steel comb or brush, that does not have any sharp points to harm their pet’s skin, in primping up their Fido’s fur. Regular baths can also be more fun by putting safe toys in their tub to play with or adding few healthy treats to entice them to cooperate. It might seem like torture to pets at first try but the friendship that has formed will eventually pay off.

Just like Hachiko, many other pets are considered heroes. Police canines are known for their unfaltering service for the community because of their sharp senses and fierce courage. They have been around with us to protect as early as the middle ages. Belgian German Shepherd Kye is a good example.

With his intelligent and watchful instinct, he was able to save his handler from combat during a suspect chase. Unfortunately, Kye was killed on duty by the suspect and was given a funeral service attended by about a thousand people and dozens of service dogs.

Service dogs like Kye have undergone proper pet training from their handlers. The amount of time dedicated with their pets affects keenly on the level of association both has developed thus strengthens their bond.

Pet owners, especially new ones, must understand that proper pet training requires patience and discipline. Pet owners should maintain a calm, consistent, and a fair composure to pets. When it comes to reinforcement, pet owners should not put an aggressive approach towards them. Cats and dogs deserve a mutual respect. When pets demand something, it’s okay to give them what they want but when a pet becomes too demanding, it is OK to have a pet “earn” a treat by having it following a command such as “sit” or “stay” before giving the pet what it wants.

Above all these things to fortify the pet-human relationship, pet owners should provide healthy nutritious diet for their pets. Animals have a knack for snacks and treats but should be given with proper regulation. When it comes to choosing the right kind of food, assessing the food label is often overlooked so owners should make it a habit as pets have different amount of nutritional requirement needs depending on their size, age, breed, etc. Experts agree that complete and balanced pet foods made from the high quality ingredients are the best choice for pets in order to sustain a long and healthy lifestyle.

Pet Food Institute (PFI) with its Well-fed, Well-nurtured campaign advocates responsible pet ownership by giving pets the proper nutrition. PFI believes that nutritionally balanced and scientifically formulated commercial US pet food is instrumental in enriching the life of pets. With ingredients, processing techniques, and labeling policies that adhere to the highest of standards, owners are assured to meet their pet’s dietary needs.

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