MUSIC LYF: Japanese goes… Pinoy!

imademo aishiteru : a cute japinoy love story

Completely adapting to Pinoy Lifestyle remains a perennial yet worthwhile quest for pure Japanese singer AISAKU YOKOGAWA. Over the course of his career as a Tagalog singing Japanese artist, he has remained truly grateful for being well-accepted in the local music industry. Since the successful release of his debut album ‘IKAW PA RIN’ which features the auspicious title track popularized by Ted Ito, the Japanese singer has continuously been receiving various major awards and recognition as a recording artist, a performer and even as a host.

Now that his singing career has grown by leaps and bounds, there's just no stopping Aisaku in conquering more unexplored territories. 2015 indeed opened a new door of opportunity for him to develop his talent not only in singing but in composing as well. This year, he was also given the chance to release an original song which helped finally establish himself in a totally unique genre -  the Nihonggo-infused OPM genre. His digitally launched single ‘IMADEMO AISHITERU’  (Hanggang Ngayon Ikaw Ang Mahal Ko) likewise gained a considerable amount of airplay on Metro Manila's pop radio stations. The song was composed/written by Aisaku's friend and producer Robster Evangelista. IMADEMO AISHITERU is being heavily requested by Aisaku's newly discovered fans - the chinky -eyed and Tagalog-speaking foreignoy.

Aisaku seemed to look very serious in his previous album packaging. Even his music videos before were all seriously themed. This is exactly the reason why he decided to somehow alter his image. In an attempt to communicate well with his fans and become more reachable to them, Aisaku injected humor in his latest music video IMADEMO AISHITERU. Only a few people know that Aisaku is a natural comedian. In the music video, Aisaku portrayed a plain looking chinito high school student, crazily and madly in love with his long time friend, a character portrayed by Gyan Murriel of Rouge Band. Although they are very much in love with each other, both of them are so caught up in a myriad of emotions that they find the situation too overwhelming for their young and vulnerable hearts.  The concept of the video revolves around a 90s old school setting which was impeccably executed.

Aisaku is more than grateful to partner with one of today's fastest rising young stars  Gyan Murriel in the music video. What's so special about the music video also is that Aisaku himself was the one who conceptualized and injected the cartoon animation through out the entire video. IMADEMO AISHITERU was recently premiered on MYX and MTV Pinoy channel. Fans can now request and vote for the video online. The video is available on Youtube at the same time where viewers have already started posting comments and ‘Likes’ for this newly introduced music genre.

A couple of weeks back, Aisaku surprised a crowd of five thousand in the previously held Handumanan concert in Quezon City Memorial Circle. Despite the fact that he performed in between rock bands, Aisaku still managed to impress the crowd with his unparalleled charm and wit. He was able to maintain the program's momentum with his signature Voltes V number. Having won singing competitions, armed with professional training as a tenor, Aisaku can actually hold a note for almost a minute long-  such stunt culminated his performance on stage, thus eliciting sonorous applause from the fastidious local crowd.

Among Aisaku’s accolades is an award that he recently received. He won the 2015 Asia Pacific Excellence and People’s Choice Awards for his innovative song ‘IMADEMO AISHITERU’. Aisaku is definitely off to a good start in 2015. His award-winning song will surely pave the way to more promising original compositions. Aisaku's fans can also expect more interesting OPM covers translated to Japanese.

Fans can catch Aisaku live every friday at Misono Japanese Restaurant located in Jupiter street Makati City.

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