Pascual Welcomes Kathryn Bernardo as Newest Endorser For Oracare

In a few weeks we will see Kath Bernardo back on Primetime television with her latest series "Pangako Sa 'Yo" which is a remake of the highly successful series of Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa. This slowly brings Kath into the limelight of being a fully bloomed woman from being the Teen Queen as she is known up to today. 

With that transition, she is growing in terms of her roles and as well as the product she is endorsing. Kath has also learned a lot of things from both the positive and negative things that she encountered in her career. With their love team up with Daniel Padilla still hot today, she keeps the right pace in bringing the "magic" in their pair but keep things still on " the "friendship" level with DJ.

She also adds that if you put your focus on to something, nothing is impossible. “If you love what you do, magre-reflect ‘yun sa work mo. As long as you want something, strive for it, walang imposible,” says Kathryn.

Coming from the success of her movie “Crazy Beautiful You,” the Teen Queen was recently named as the brand ambassador for OraCare Mouthrinse, giving a face to the brand’s newest campaign “It’s Real Good for Me.” An line with this, they also had Kathryn lead in the Guiness World Record for the most number of people gargling mouthwash within one minute, which they have succeeded on April 12, 2015.

She is perfect for the brand because she is a self-confessed “OC” when it comes to her hygiene, especially her oral health. The 19-year-old actress says that the reason she accepted the project right away is because she really trusts the brand, which is now on its 10th year in the market. 

“When the project was first pitched to me, I was super happy kasi nga trustworthy ‘yung brand lalo na’t gawa ‘to ng Pascual Lab,” the teen actress says. “I’m excited to do other projects with the OraCare team kasi ang super bait nila.”

The brand’s newest campaign with Kathryn aims to inspire the younger generation to be conscious about their oral hygiene as early as possible and adopt the habit of choosing things that will be good for them. It will provide them with that extra boost of confidence to achieve more awesome things in life. “Parang ngang OraCare is the mouthwash for our generation – it’s convenient to use, walang hassle gamitin dahil walang sting yet very effective. It’s modern and trendy.”

At an early age, Kathryn knows what she wants and what’s good for her -- things that will help her achieve her dreams.  That said, here’s a list of eight real good things for Kathryn:

Good Book – Books by Nicholas Sparks

The teen actress says that Sparks tops the list of her favorite authors because he is a very detailed narrator and a moving storyteller. She cites “The Last Song” as her favorite in Sparks’ vast book collection because it didn’t just focus on romance, but also on family relationships, specifically father-daughter love. 

Good Food – Pizza and Chicken!

If there’s anything she can eat all day, Kathryn would definitely choose pizza and chicken. “They are my favorites! They’re like my comfort food!” says the teen actress.

Good Workout – Core Exercise

As one of the most sought-after teen stars today, Kathryn has to maintain her good physique and make sure that she keeps her health always at its best. She says that she enjoys core exercise because it improves her balance and stability and it’s easy to set up anytime, anywhere.

Good Animal – Dogs

After a taxing day, just seeing her dogs makes Kathryn forget about a long day’s work.  “Their presence lightens up everything!”

Good Music – Jack Johnson’s music

The Teen Queen says that Johnson’s songs are light and easy, which makes her feel good every day. “His music speaks to me! His songs are light and easy and they always make me feel good everyday,” says the Teen Queen.

Good Place – Los Angeles

The City of Angels is among the favorite places that Kathryn loves to go to because she finds it very chill and laid back, allowing her to reflect and relax.

Good Role Model – Her Mom

The “Pangako Sa’Yo” star owes her success to people around her especially her mom who is there through thick and thin.  “She’s my rock! My mom is a very strong woman and I idolize her for that.”

Good Mouthwash – OraCare

What Kathryn loves about OraCare is that it doesn’t have alcohol and the burning sensation and strong aftertaste – giving her a pleasurable gargling experience. Apart from that, she is confident that OraCare provides her real mouth clean despite its water-like taste. It is because OraCare’s active ingredient, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, effectively kills bad bacteria and neutralizes volatile sulfur compounds – the main culprit behind strong mouth odors – giving her the real mouth clean she needs everyday.

“OraCare is my choice because it boosts my confidence, allowing me to be the best that I can be. It’s real good for me!” Kathryn states. 

Like the teen star, everyone can choose to surround themselves with only good things that will help them become better individuals. So, take it from the teen queen and start choosing what’s good for you.

OraCare Mouthrinse, made by Pascual Laboratories, Inc., is available at leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. It comes in three variants—Regular, Cool and Merrymint. 

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