REEL DEAL: Kevin James Back As Overzealous Guard In “PAUL BLART: MALL COP 2”

Funnyman Kevin James, star of the hit comedies “Hitch,” “Grown Ups,” “Zookeeper” and the upcoming sci-fi film “Pixels” appears next on the big screen in Columbia Pictures' action-packed family comedy “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.”

It’s been six years since Paul Blart gained fame for his daring rescue of the West Orange Pavilion Mall, and while some things have changed, you can count on Blart to know what’s truly important. “He takes security very seriously,” says Kevin James, who brought the character to life. “Like he says, ‘I didn’t choose security; security chose me.’ Let’s face it – the ride is always gonna be bumpy for Blart and he might screw up along the way, but he’ll never give up – which is why we root for him to win in the end.”

In “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” the hero is finally getting a vacation: he’s being recognized for everything he’s done to keep the shoppers safe with an all-expenses-paid trip to a security convention in Las Vegas. Everyone is telling Blart to take it easy and get some R-and-R, but security never takes a holiday… and when Blart discovers a criminal threat to the hotel, America’s favorite security guard is ready to spring into action.

“It’s easy to laugh at a guy like Blart,” says James, “but I think we all want to see him succeed and get the job done. When Blart finds out there’s trouble at the hotel, he throws himself right into the fire. He can’t enjoy a vacation when there’s bad stuff happening – it’s not how he’s wired.”

After the first film took in $183 million worldwide in 2009, Paul Blart is back. James says that the reason the character struck a chord was that even though Blart has his less-than-stellar moments – and don’t we all? – there’s something appealing about a man who rises to the top, even when nobody believes in him. “People seemed to really like the Blart character. I think at first, they’re not sure what to make of this chubby guy, with a mustache, riding a Segway… but when they see how much heart he has, they can’t help but root for him.”

“Paul Blart is the ultimate underdog,” says producer Todd Garner. “In the movie, people judge him at first glance. Everyone is quick to point out what they think he can’t do. But Paul can do it all – he definitely has hidden talents, and he brings out his best when people need him the most. He’s the hero we need AND the hero we deserve.”

James began his career as a stand-up on the Long Island comedy scene. After being discovered at the 1996 Montreal Comedy Festival, he signed a network development deal to create his own sitcom.

“The King of Queens,” which premiered in 1998, ran for nine seasons on CBS with James starring and executive producing, and it garnered him an Emmy nomination in 2006 for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. The show concluded its run in 2007 but continues to air daily in syndication across the country and around the world.

James made his feature film debut in 2005, starring opposite Will Smith in Columbia Pictures’ “Hitch.” Since, James starred alongside Adam Sandler in “Grown Ups,” “Grown Ups 2,” and “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.”

In addition to his on-camera work, James’s voice has been featured in the animated films “Monster House” and “Hotel Transylvania,” and its upcoming sequel for Sony Pictures Animation.

Opening across the Philippines on May 06, 2015, “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” will be distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

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