What Makes A Good Pet Owner?

For many owners, pets are considered to be part of the family. Pets play the role as a loyal companion and a source of happiness. While there are many benefits to having a furry friend, there are obligations owners must attend to. Pet ownership is a big duty because the life of the pet relies on the owner’s care. One of the most important factors in raising a pet is lifestyle. In addition, it is important to ensure a pet receives the nutrition it needs for a long, healthy and happy life.

Before taking a furry companion home or saying thanks to a friend who gave that puppy as present, take time to look in the mirror and see if that future pet owner has got what it takes to be a good one. The Well Fed, Well Nurtured campaign of the Pet Food Institute and the Veterinary Practitioners Association of the Philippines is steadfast in promoting responsible pet ownership through proper nutrition and proper pet care. As experts in veterinary practices, pet nutrition and pet care, PFI and VPAP suggest the following as best practices that every good pet owner would find helpful in caring for their pets.


Strong commitment is important because pet ownership can take up a significant portion of the owner’s time. Pets provide their masters comfort, love and companionship. In return, the pet owner should have the willingness to nurture the pet. For instance, pet owners should be willing to provide the best food they can afford for the pet’s respective life stage.


The most important training period is during the pet’s formative years. To develop good behavior, training should start early. It takes a lot of patience and persistence to train pets properly, and it is that proper training that can help a pet become a well behaved companion.


Pet owners should pay attention to their pet’s behavior, health and physical condition, which can prove to be helpful in taking preventive measures. It is also the pet owner’s responsibility to take their pets to a trusted veterinarian who can provide vaccinations and other preventive care, and who can identify potential health conditions and offer ways on how to deal with them.


A good pet owner abides by the community rules. Rules and regulations carried out within the community are for the welfare of both pets and pet owners in keeping a sound and healthy environment to live in. It could be a city ordinance on pet registration or a barangay rule on cleaning up after the pet during walks. Pet owners can start right by bringing piles of waste paper and a scooper during morning walks in case little Fido has to go poo, or collecting the documents for proper filing for pet adoption. By obeying community pet rules, one sets a good example for neighboring pet households and encourages fellow pet owners to follow the rules as well.


The well-being of a pet is enhances by an owner’s organizational habits. Planning a schedule of the pet’s meals, exercise and grooming routines will make it easier to keep track of the pet’s activities. Setting regular vet check-ups minimizes the chances of pet illnesses and obesity as well as expenses for medication and treatment. Keeping an organized calendar can benefit both the pet and pet owner.


Pets will know they are getting the right amount of TLC from their masters through good communication. A little rub under the chin or a pat on the head can be reassuring to our furry friends. Of course, communication does not always come in words or actions but can also be in the form of food. Serving the right amount of highly nutritious and delicious pet food can say “I love you” to your ball of fur. Purchase a complete and balanced pet food to ensure that all the essential minerals and vitamins your pet needs are provided by the food you give it. Pet foods that provide total nutrition and that are made from quality ingredients will promote a long and healthy lifespan. Try to assess the taste preference of the pet so you can buy their favorite flavor, and they can look forward to their next chow time.

The Well Fed, Well Nurtured campaign of the Pet Food Institute, the representative of the US pet food industry, and the Veterinary Practitioners Association of the Philippines, aims to promote responsible pet ownership by encouraging pet owners to take their pets to a veterinarian regularly and feed their pets nutritionally balanced commercial pet food. Cat and dog food products from the United States are carefully formulated and processed to ensure a safe and healthy meal for pets that will promote a long, healthy life.

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