Saving Flora - A Modern Tale Of Animal Rescue

We hardly get to see live animals in films which in a way makes us more appreciative and more aware of their welfare. Though there have been a lot of movies like for dogs and cats, but how about the biggest mammal on land?

This is what Saving Flora wants to share to movie goers. Made by Synkronized Films, it was written by Mark Taylor and David Moss. It tells the story of a retired circus elephant named Flora, which due to old age, illness, and other costs, drove its owner and ringmaster Henry (David Arquette) to consider putting the animal down. 

However since the act would break the heart of her daughter Dawn, played by Jenna Ortega. Because the elephant was very important for her, this triggered her to find a way to save the elephant by escaping the circus and go for miles until they will find a shelter or sanctuary for Flora. The journey becomes an adventure of the lifetime and even meeting a new friend on the way, and a hunter thirsty to get her as his trophy.

For this film they even got a real life elephant named Tai, in which the production assures that she is treated fairly and humanely. And as a real life elephant, it made it more natural and enhanced appreciation for the species. 

The movie is perfect for families and animal lovers who wants to explore and experience elephants and their playful nature. It also teaches the cruel world of trophy hunting which is still rampant today especially in wildlife reserves like in Africa. It is also similar to the animal rescue films like Free Willy and Dumbo.

Saving Flora stars Jenna Ortega, David Arquette, Tom Arnold, Leonor Varela, Galen Howard, Guilford Adams, Cindy Chu, Mars Crain, Martin Martinez, and Carlos Ragas. Produced by Fabio Golombek, Amber Wang, and Brad Billington, and co-produced by Clifford Cohen, the movie is directed by Mark Taylor. Showing in Philippine cinemas July 10, 2019 distributed by Womy Film Production

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