Good Kid$ Make 'Saucy' Comeback in New Single

Get ready to sauce it up as the Good Kid$ return with their comeback single "Saucy."

With their debut track "Show Me (feat. TALA)" hitting its first million streams on Spotify, the boys (rapper Gaby Singson and producer Bernie Margulies) bring the heat further in this latest track released under mustard music.

"Saucy" brings back the Good Kid$ magic - mixing fun, upbeat, and memorable elements in one track, as they bring the titular slang word to life in song. The term 'saucy' pertains to something or someone that is "cool and stylish; being confident without having too much bravado."

That is exactly what the hip-hop duo want to embody, as they go about their daily lives as young kids. Talking more about the track, Singson says "it's all about being yourself - being cool despite all the hardships that gets in your way, and just stayin' saucy."

More than just bringing a cool slang word into song, the Good Kid$ also use this track to explore a new groove - wanting to put a vibe that hypes people up.

With its release, the Good Kid$ hope to sauce the music scene up - bringing a memorable summer anthem to fans and new listeners alike.

'Saucy' is now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon Music under mustard music.

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