Jodi Sta. Maria brings true-to-life scares as Clarita in Black Sheep's first horror film

Evil is all around us and in Black Sheep's first horror film, Clarita, viewers are treated to a horror  film about the first recorded possession in the Philippines that shocked the entire world. Jodi Sta. Maria has been well regarded as one of the most versatile actresses in the country and in Clarita where she plays the titular role, expect to see Sta. Maria like you've never seen her before.

Before the term "viral" was even coined, the case of Clarita Villanueva's possession became a worldwide sensation and was one of the most talked about events in the history of Manila. For the first time on the big screen, viewers can experience Clarita's journey in all its glory.

For Clarita, award-winning documentarian and filmmaker Derick Cabrido breathes new life into the story by bringing his own brand of horror for Filipino moviegoers. Cabrido is known for his visceral and gritty take on the true horrors that surround us. He has won awards in documentary and film festivals from around the globe.

After learning that a group of doctors were killed by super natural forces, Fathers Salvador (Ricky Davao) and Benedicto (Arron Villaflor) will have their faith tested when they are tasked to perform an exorcism on a possessed wornan named Clarita (Jodi Sta. Maria). Meanwhile, a photojournalist investigates the truth about Clarita's possession and helps the two priests perform the exorcism. In their journey to help Clarita, they will encounter demonic obstacles that will prevent them from performing the exorcism.

This Independence Day, free yourselves from the demons within you and experience Clarita on the big screen. Will Clarita's soul be saved or will the evil in her take over?

Clarita opens in cinemas nationwide starting June 12.

The film also stars Alyssa Muhlach, Romnick Sarmenta, Nonie Buencamino, Angeli Bayani, and Che Ramos. Clarita is produced in partnership with Clever Minds Inc., and Purple Pig.

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