Finding A Common Ground: A Holistic Approach to Education for the 21st Century

What do we really talk about when we talk about the future of learning? We talk about today, what is happening now, and how our decisions today will affect the next generations of young learners.

There is no discussion of how the field of education has been undergoing a radical transformation without first acknowledging that the 4th Industrial Revolution is here, and that we have to face its challenges together. Its effects have shaped and defined the practices and theories that we share and develop as stakeholders of education to help raise the Whole Child: we acknowledge the importance of a holistic perspective when it comes to health, we make sure that our schools are safe and open learning environments, we rethink the ways with which we engage the new generation of learners, we strive to create a holistic learning community, and we do our best to prepare young learners for the challenges that our world faces today.

Holistic education is a way for teachers, parents, and the communities supporting young learners to help raise them by nurturing their innate gifts and talents in a balanced and conscious manner that lets them grow as responsible individuals, whole persons who understand their role in helping our nation face the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Today, there are problems and challenges that we face which didn't exist before: technological advances bring forth new ways of doing things, but they also bring a slew of concerns over new forms of harassment and harmful effects from too much exposure. With this in mind, help emphasize the importance of physical and mental health in 21st century education: that is to say, we connect a young learner's sound mind with a healthy body, to help them grow and adapt with how the world has changed, fostering positive relationships in the learning community and making sure that they are in safe, secure, caring and loving environments.

Yes, we have acknowledged time and again that the world is changing, and with it, the young learners of today are, too. Their set of basic needs now includes instant and reliable access to the internet, dependable devices that sustain their digitally immersed lives. With this reliance came a shift in certain aspects of the path to holistic learning which needed adjustments and new forms of intervention that would remain relevant in today's dynamic, collaborative, and fast-paced learning environments. This meant engaging the not just the new generation of learners by motivating and stimulating their curiosities outside of what they're accustomed to, but also connecting with and engaging learning professionals who support the learners with a holistic approach to education.

We do this by complementing what we already know with what we can apply through patient and persistent practice: helping and supporting everyone in the process of learning from teaching professionals to students and the community around them to become equipped for the 21st century. By immersing and engaging professionals in the education sector with results-oriented and research-based learning programs, we help them understand the relevance of their work towards sustaining the Whole Child initiative.

Today's rapidly changing world demands us to change the way we think and do things, and holistic education through the Whole Child initiative is the first step to ensuring that today's new generation of young learners are prepared to take on their role as builders and makers of the future. With a challenging curriculum and an involved learning community behind them, we hope to help advance not just their academic excellence, but more so their personal growth that would, in turn, shape their lifelong success and development as responsible individuals and citizens of our nation.

At REX, we strive to bring quality learning solutions that step up to the challenges and demands of education in the 21st century. We help teachers, schools, parents, and learning communities prepare and nurture the young Filipino learner for a better future: one that is built on values of human connection and social justice, one that pushes forward progressively with critical thinking grounded with careful reflection.

We believe that preparing the young Filipino learner means finding a common ground, a common space to share and grow together. With the Whole Child initiative, we hope to bring a sustainable and holistic approach towards education in the 21st century.

There are many ways to think about the future, but there is only one place to prepare for it: today. Learn more about holistic approach to education for the 21st century here:

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