Singing Sensation On The Rise - Sophia Bianca Ready To Sing For The World

There is no doubt that we have a lot of talented singers in the country, yet there are a handful of them who have proven their worth in the world stage. A promising singer who wants to reach for her dream in music is the young and beautiful Sophia Bianca. Recently just turned 18, she comes forward and confidently announces she is ready for a bigger role in the entertainment industry.

She might be new for many, but she has already performed and competed in national and international stages. She was part of the Music Hero competition by Eat Bulaga, and also became a grand finalist at the World Championhip of Performing Arts (WCOPA) back in 2018.

Now she is ready to take on a bigger role with a musical career of her own. With her debut, she wanted to make a great impression with a song of her own. With the help of family and friends, she will be releasing her debut single "In Love's Eyes."

She shares that she loves Alicia Keys as her musical inspiration in which some of her contest pieces are from Key's biggest hits.  As her first step will be her biggest challenge as a new singer, she now takes a chance to work out an international deal as she aims to make it big with opportunities opening up for her. She will soon perform for the opening of the newest WCOPA season, among other opportunities that will open up for her.

Though she recently graduated in high school, she would still make time for school and balance it with building her name by performing for more people. She also has that Jessie J vibe of playful yet alluring. 

This girl really has a great potential with her voice, face, and personality. Though there will be a lot of challenges she has to overcome and prove her spot in the world where the limelight is shared by millions. She is already on a great start, and probably with something viral and some luck, she can make the name Sophia Bianca known to many here and all over the world.

Check our slumbook series interview with her below:

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