Black Sheep's first horror movie 'Clarita' is coming to cinemas this June 12

Too intense' Clarita trailer rated "X" twice

Black Sheep takes a short break from releasing unique love stories as the less than one -year-old film outfit ventures into producing horror film 'Clarita."

Topbilled by Jodi Sta. Maria who plays 'Clarita' herself, the film, directed by Derick Cabrido, is slated for a nationwide run starting June 12.

Inspired by true events, the film centers on Clarita, a possessed woman who tests the faith of priests Salvador, played by Ricky Davao, and Benedicto, played by Arron Villaflor, as they perform exorcism on her after learning that a group of doctors were killed by supernatural forces.

Meanwhile, a photojournalist investigates the truth about Clarita's possession and helps the two priests but in their journey to help her, they will encounter demonic obstacles that will prevent them from performing the exorcism.

Will Clarita's soul be saved or will the evil in her take over?

As 'Clarita' marks the first horror movie produced by Black Sheep, it also Jodi's first big screen project with the movie outfit.

Prior to its media launch, Black Sheep had to release a sanitized version of its official trailer on national TV as it was rated "X" by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) twice due to being "too intense" and its scare factor was really "high for young viewers." A "PG"-rated trailer, meanwhile, can be viewed via Black Sheep's social media accounts.

This Independence Day, it's time to free ourselves from the evil within us with 'Clarita.

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