Mayor Robes of SJDM City Welcomes Good News On His Birthday

The City of San Jose Del Monte celebrates the birthday of Mayor Arthur Robes during the flag ceremony at city hall. Though the actual date is on November 6, they made a program to show their love and gratitude for his service.  

Along with the many projects that Mayor Arthur, they have also received several accreditation and recognition for different departments of the city government. One of them is the Seal of Good Local Governance awards given by the DILG in recognition of municipalities and cities which has shown improvement and consistency with how they run their local units.

San Jose Del Monte is one of the awardees for this year which many say takes time and compliance to be part of the list. Mayor Arthur Robes will accept the award at the Manila Hotel tomorrow.

Another great news announced was the oath taking of the cultural representative of the indigenous people, the Dumagat Tribe, living in the rural part of the city. This shows the government's initiative to take care of indigenous people's rights and help them to be protected from threats that can affect their tribal communities.

There was also a look back with the project made by the Mayor and the Congresswoman in the past few weeks which involved seminars, medical missions, protection of women and children and dialogue with either the mayor or the congresswoman with officials.

In just a short span of time, they achieved a lot of good news that brings pride to the city and its officials. For his actual birthday on November 6, he will make time for his family and take a break.

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