San Jose Del Monte City Celebrates A Bully-Free Christmas

Christmas is officially lit in the city of San Jose Del Monte with the Tree Lighting Ceremony led by Mayor Arthur Robes and Congresswoman Rida Robes. Held at the City Hall in barangay Poblacion I, the awaited event brings together local officials, indigenous communities, citizens, and visitors to probably the most vibrant tree lighting event in the province.

With a string of achievements made by the couple public servants, they do have reason to look forward to the holidays as thanksgiving for a fruitful year. Congresswoman Rida Robes expressed excitement for the coming days as they will also give back to their kababayans with gifts for around eight thousand residents.

Their theme for this year is a “Bully Free Christmas” where they let go of negativity and welcome progress to the rising city of Bulacan. The City Hall grounds became a bazaar of Christmas goods and delicacies like the puto bumbong and bibingka. With a two storey tree filled with pink parols and topped with a star.

The program starts with Christmas songs sung by various choir groups from the city. And after words from Mayor Arthur and Congresswoman Rida, the official lighting ceremony is set with a ceremonial switch and the countdown.

As the tree lights up a shower of confetti and snow filled the grounds along with fireworks marking the momentous event. Several celebrities also came to join in the festivities that night. The lighting is just the start of many activities for Christmas. They will also setting up another record-breaking attempt in December to put the city in the world spotlight.

Exciting times are ahead for the rising city which is quickly developing to accommodate its hardworking citizens and public officials. Christmas is coming soon and they want to make everyone feel the spirit of the season. Definitely it also makes us excited what store soon.

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