A Bigger & Better Christmas with LG & Netflix

With the goal of providing a Bigger & Better Christmas for all , LG combined Filipinos' love for the holidays with the brand's mission of always giving back to the community. In a media launch event recently held in One Canvas Events Place in Pasong Tamo, Makati, LG Philippines outlined the various initiatives they have lined up for the holiday season 

The first gift that LG has for the community comes in the form of its partnership with Netflix  During the event , Netflix unveiled the streaming service's holiday film headliner, Klaus. The trailer for the destined Christmas classic , together with its behind the scenes footage, were all screened with the use of LG's award - winning OLED TVs , the purchase of which comes with an accompanying gift of 6 months of Netflix.

Klaus, the headliner for Netflix's holiday lineup, is an entirely 2D animated movie, a Netflix first, that harkens to the old Christmas shows we've come to know and love. Legendary actor J. K. Simmons provides the voice for the titular Klaus , a reclusive carpenter whom Jesper discovers living alone in a cabin, where he makes his own handmade toys. Like the movies of yore, Netflix hopes that Klaus becomes a Christmas tradition that's destined to be replayed every holiday season for the years to come. LG also invited the Animation Council of the Philippines , Inc. (ACPI) to share their thoughts on the use of 2D animation in Klaus, how LG OLED TVs are the best platform to view it on, as well as to discuss the state of the local animation industry as a whole. 

As an early Christmas present for the organization , LG Philippines donated LG TV . Inkwun Heo, LG Philippines Managing Director, recognized the importance of the ACPI's role in the local industry and how their influence shapes the evolution of picture quality." With LG, we guarantee an unparalleled memorable cinematic viewing experience . Through non-stop innovation , LG has been able to offer the best that technology has to offer , be it through our NanoCell or OLED TVs , or with the use of our ThinQ Artificial Intelligence . We want content creators such as ACP to have access to this technology so that they can pay it forward and share it with the community through their art. 

René Misa , Executive Director of the ACPI , graciously accepted the TV donation from LG . " Working in the animation industry , innovations in technology are important to us . To be able to compete with other animators from around the world , we need to be at the top . LG ' s Al - optimized picture quality that boasts leading clarity , sharpness , detail and brightness is as advanced as you can get . This really helps us in harnessing the best of our abilities."

Another gift that LG has for the community during the holidays is the #Share The GoodLifewithLG campaign. As a way of giving back to the community. LG Philippines has dedicated a portion of each sale of an LG product to go towards furnishing the children of Shelter of Hope. More than that, LG has committed to donate entertainment system and home appliances worth more than Php 1 Million. Shelter of Hope is currently building a new home for their resident children who are cancer patients and these gifts will provide much needed Christmas cheer. During the event , Netflix , and the members of the media , in the spirit of Klaus , also brought gifts and toys to give to the children of Shelter of Hope . Just like what Klaus says , “A true selfless act , always sparks another."

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