9 GCash-friendly Online Stores for your Quarantine Needs and Cravings

Do you feel like you’re running out of options for your essentials and cravings this enhanced community quarantine (ECQ)? You might be having problems looking for cashless stores to avoid getting the virus through money bills. Or maybe you’re just tired of the same, old online sellers you go to for your quarantine needs. 

Whether it be groceries, your skincare needs, or even a good milk tea fix, here are nine online gems which are bound to save you from your quarantine woes. BONUS: They’re all cashless thanks to GCash!

1. Session Groceries. While grocery stores remain open regardless of the ECQ, many people still find it safer to stay at home and have the goods delivered to their doorstep. This option is also convenient in more ways than one since it saves time driving to and from the supermarkets. You can order your weekly groceries through their mobile app which is free and easily accessible. They cater to homes not just in Metro Manila but in nearby provinces such as Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal as well! 

Contact them via their Facebook page or message them at 0917 501 0267.

2. FoodPanda, GrabFood, LalaFood. Everybody’s quarantine best friend. The best thing about these food delivery apps is that it’s essentially the entire world of food packaged in an app. Perfect for those working and studying at home during the ECQ, meals can be delivered to you with just a few taps on your smartphone instead of spending hours in the kitchen which could have been spent being productive instead. It’s perfect for people who miss eating outside as well! To use GCash, you can link your GCash Mastercard to your account under the “My Linked Accounts” tab in the GCash app!

FoodPanda, GrabFood, and LalaFood are available in GooglePlay and the App Store.

3. Beauté Essentials by Beautéderm. Are you panicking over your depleting stock of skincare products? Just because we’re all in quarantine, it doesn’t mean that we can come out of it with bad skin! Keep on doing your skincare routine with products from this online store while staying safe because you can pay via GCash as well! 

Contact them via their Facebook Page or message them at 0927 135 6564.

4. Piggy Blinders Cebu. The ECQ isn’t only implemented in Metro Manila, because LGUs outside Luzon also imposed it for their constituents’ safety as well. For those stuck in their homes in Cebu because of COVID-19, Piggy Blinders delivers racks of mouth-watering grilled ribs to ease cravings. Why not have a barbecue party in your backyard?

For orders and reservations message their Facebook page or contact 0995-755-4371.

5. J&E Trading It’s literally survival of the fittest when it comes to looking for medical supplies nowadays. It’s a rare sight to see face masks on drug store and supermarket shelves because everyone wants to protect themselves and their family from possible infection. If you’re looking for masks, give their store a try by shooting them a message on Facebook.   

For orders, you can message their Facebook page or contact them at 0916 906 2456 or tradingjel@gmail.com.

6. Hebrews Shebrews PH (Cebu). Here’s another one for those in Cebu. When milktea is all you can think about, even in your dreams, then maybe it’s time to get some.  Hebrews Shebrews reopened to satisfy everybody’s sweet tooth through online deliveries and payment through GCash!

Place your orders by messaging their Facebook page or Instagram account (@hebrews_shebrews).

7.Burger Garage. Tired of having the same old, dry fast food burger delivered? Burger Garage is your savior. Made from 100% fresh and pure ground beef, melty cheddar cheese, and fresh toppings, you can say goodbye to substandard burgers forever! You can skip ordering through GrabFood or FoodPanda and just message their Facebook page to process your order faster. Plus, you can directly pay through GCash!

Order your burgers now by contacting them at 0916 401 8147 or via GrabFood/FoodPanda.

8. Emilia’s Baking Supplies. Everybody’s social media feed is filled with posts of people whipping something up with the oven nowadays. Banana bread? Cheesecake? Cookies? No sweat! Just make sure you have the right supplies from Emilia’s Baking Supplies. You’ll be an expert baker in no time.

Emilia’s Baking Supplies accepts orders through their Facebook page or text (0998 587 2341).

9. My Own Meatshop. One of the establishments remaining open despite ECQ are wet markets. But if you’re playing the game safe, then you’re probably wondering about online alternatives as well. My Own Meatshop lets you choose fresh cuts from its social media page and delivers produce to your home. They also use GCash, of course! 

My Own Meatshop is only accepting orders via this form: http://bit.ly/MyOwnOrderForm.

While thousands more online sellers use GCash as a mode of payment, GCash users can also use the app to pay merchants who only have bank transfer as their checkout option. Through the Bank Transfer feature, GCash users may send money to almost 40 banks quickly and securely. 

By leveraging digital technologies and innovative solutions, we can expand our options during this global health crisis. 

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