Rest Assured Amid The Pandemic

It has been a wild start of the year 2020 for all of us. There were a lot of threats such as wildfires, natural calamities, and now a huge pandemic that we have not experienced in a hundred years. Most of us have been quarantined for a weeks and have adapted to many changes in life, while there are also frontliners who continue to provide what we need to ensure we stay at home and hopefully stop the spread of the virus.

As we have to embrace this temporary lifestyle of being in our homes, we tend to discover new things that we can actually do despite being indoors all the time. There are some businesses that let their employees work from home and still remain productive and keep the economy afloat, however there are also some things that we could not do since many offices and services have been closed.

Along with our basic necessities like food and medicine, this uncertain times also puts us in a lot of risks which we could also be unprepared of. This made me think that I should have at least prepared something in case of sickness, and heaven forbid, death.

Yes it is a scary thought but in this situation, we do need to think about it and how it can also affect our family and friends. We are still fortunate and very thankful that quarantine helps in preventing an outbreak in our town, cities, and even nations. We stock up on supplies to keeps us fed everyday, yet it is also wise to have something like an insurance for myself or a family member.

But Given the situtation now that many offices are closed, how could I get one in the middle of the pandemic? Well luckily FWD Philippines has already have that option available in their website. 

In the FWD Online Insurance Shop, there is a selection of plans you can avail each having their own special coverage that fits your lifestyle. They call it  the KanDuu plan, which sounds like "Can Do," an affirmation that you "can do" this to keep yourself protected.

There are three plans available under 
KanDuu, they are KanGuard, KandMend, and KandLive plans. Here is a quick description of each of the plans:


  • Payout for accidents or terror attacks
  • Worldwide coverage
  • 1-year global emergency services reward

  • Protection against 42 critical illnesses
  • No medical tests
  • 6 months’ unli telemedicine reward

  • Essential funds for your family
  • 1-year unli medical consults reward

Depending on your lifestyle, each can fit to what you need in your life. Actually all of them can be beneficial to my lifestyle as it has perks for medical and life needs. They are also affordable at only P1799 for one year for each of the plans.

To apply for the plan, the website provides an easy and step-by-step guide that will just take a few minutes to get all of information needed, thus removing the hassle of filling up physical forms which takes a longer time to process. Once done you can now proceed with online payment which I am confident is secure.

For this one, I got the KanMend Plan which has a critical illness coverage of P100,000 plus useful perks such as the telemedicine that lets me have a phone consultation with doctors  which is very useful to keep our health in-check especially during these times.

Once I made my payment, they sent a confirmatory email on the plan I just subscribed into. Now I feel a whole lot secure knowing that this can help a lot for those "just in case" moments. And I am now considering also getting another plan for my family.   

Yes, it is still scary times because of the pandemic, yet this is also the perfect opportunity to protect ourselves even further with plans like this. And once things gets to normal, these can also be very useful to more unexpected things that can come our way. And like I always say to everyone, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

Go to to purchase your KanDuu insurance now! 
Want to know more about FWD Life Philippines, part of the pan-Asian insurer FWD Group? 

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