Bb. Pilipinas revamps theme song, PPOP-style

SB19 brings a fresh twist to this year’s pageant theme song

With the ever changing times, music has also evolved in different forms to cater to the taste of the modern generation. Today, original pinoy music or OPM has produced diverse sounds, yielding a new type of tune, Pinoy Pop or PPOP for short. 

Consistent to its cause of shining a light on the beauty and diversity of Filipino culture, Binibining Pilipinas recognizes how impactful music can be, and has endeavored to banner Pinoy talent in any way that it can. That is why for this year, the prestigious pageant’s official theme song was given the PPOP revamp with the help of the country’s latest music pride – SB19.

SB19’s modern pop rendition of the classic Bb. Pilipinas theme song entitled “Win Your Heart” encapsulates the spirit of the pageant. With its beat and lyrics, it proudly communicates the uniqueness of the Filipina – one who exudes beauty, intelligence, grace and strength. 

“Bb. Pilipinas has always been on a mission to empower Filipinos across the international stage, and one of our great qualities as a Filipino is our talent in creating art, such as music. We recognize the importance of featuring our local talents, such as SB19, that is why we hope that with this collaboration, we can show the world that not only are Filipinos intelligent, passionate, and driven, we are also immensely talented,” Irene Jose, Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. trustee said. 

SB19 will serenade the Bb. Pilipinas stage as the main performers of the pageant’s Grand Coronation Night. But, SB19 isn’t be the only PPOP act to take part in the slew of Bb. Pilipinas activities. Other rising PPOP groups such as DIONE, First.One, 4th Impact, and ALAMAT   made their presence felt with their energetic performances at the Talent Competition, Press Presentation, and the glamorous Fashion Show.  

To watch the Lyric video of ‘Win Your Heart,’ please click this link: The official music video of the said theme song will also be uploaded on the Bb. Pilipinas YouTube page soon, so stay tuned!

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