Cahilig’s award-winning short films now streaming internationally on CinemaWorld

 Featured in CinemaWorld is Chris Cahilig’s most viewed
short film on YouTube so far, “Sinturon” or “The Belt”,
with 44.5 million views, which tells a daring and
 fun story focused on the theme of marital fidelity. 
The multi-talented Chris Cahilig wears many hats—producer, director, public relations entrepreneur, talent manager, published poet, and political adviser. 

As president of Insight 360, Cahilig runs one of the most influential public relations, marketing, and social media consultancy firms in the Philippines. And through his agency’s subsidiary, Insight 360 Films, Cahilig has crafted full-length movies and short films, made riveting for their plots, characters, and purpose.

The road to Cahilig’s personal nirvana, however, is paved by a string of award-worthy short films, earning for him the title, “King of Branded Shorts”. This close to home as Cahilig’s short films have reaped honors at local and international film festivals. 

And now CinemaWorld is showing three of Cahilig’s select short films across Asia various traditional pay tv and streaming platforms. 

A multimedia entertainment company incorporated and headquartered in Singapore, CinemaWorld is an international movie service showcasing award-winning movies, box office hits, and critics' favorites from around the world—the "first and only pan-Asian movie service to do so.” Launched in 2012, CinemaWorld has rapidly gained audiences in territories that include Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. 

Believing in the “articulating, emotive, and transcendent power of films to touch people’s hearts,” CinemaWorld gives immense value to films, features, and shorts—and their filmmakers and audience. This led to the launch of CinemaSHORT, a service expansion that aims at the trendier and younger—including the young minded—audience. As a platform, CinemaSHORT showcases quality short films from young and independent Asian filmmakers. 

CinemaWorld describes the short film industry in Asia as a “largely untapped but incredibly dynamic industry.” And to Cahilig’s acclaim, CinemaWorld found not just one, but three gems in its archives: Cahilig's branded shorts titled ‘Pitaka’, ‘The Belt’, and ‘The Bully’.

According to CinemaWorld, Filipino director Chris Cahilig’s award-winning works were chosen to be part of CinemaSHORT as these well-produced short films show a deeper meaning behind them. As the movie service points out, “The underlying themes of brotherhood, loyalty, and the dangers of bullying are well woven into the screenplay, making Cahilig’s stories highly relatable.”

Cahilig’s “The Bully” is a short film that dared to discuss
 the socially-relevant dangers of bullying, and the harm it
 can cause to the victims and the perpetrators
–also now on the international platform CinemaWorld. 
CinemaWorld likewise asserts that short films are vital tools in telling the stories of ordinary people. “Connecting audiences from different parts of the world to beautiful films is our mission, and CinemaSHORT provides a unique curation of short films that often reflect untold stories from various regions."

Cahilig shares his excitement on the opportunity to be part of all this. “I believe short films have the capacity to make indelible marks in the industry. This was affirmed when my short films went viral locally and earned international recognition. “And now CinemaShort’s streaming of ‘Pitaka’, ‘The Belt’, and ‘The Bully’ once more attests to how my short films were remarkably written, shot, and produced.” 

To date, Cahilig is one of the most sought-after Filipino directors for his seamless blend of branding and well-told stories. His short films have succeeded not only in promoting brands but also in drawing millions of organic views.   

For instance, “Pitaka” (The Wallet) tells the story of a hardworking brother who is determined to put his younger brother through school. Competing in over 15 international film festivals across the globe, “Pitaka” has garnered over 40 million views on various social media platforms, including Facebook. 

Known Filipino film critic Tito Valiente lauded the film for its exquisitely crafted storytelling. In his film review, he said, “The whole drama works and well-thought-out advertising can be engaging.” 

A must-watch for high-school students, “Pitaka” uses Filipino poetry to add depth to its story. This, and the film’s excellent cinematography, handed “Pitaka” the following awards: Best Digital Ad Category at the 40th Catholic Mass Media Awards and Best Illustrated Poem in the 2018 Wales International Film Festival. “Pitaka” also made it to international film festival screenings in the US and Italy.

“Pitaka” or “The Wallet” is one of Cahilig’s mostmemorable
 and award-winning short films, narrating the tale relatable
 to many Filipinos–a hardworking brother determined to
 work and provide for his younger brother, and how
the latter strived to thank the former for his perseverance. 
Featuring a more daring and fun storyline, “Sinturon” (The Belt), Cahilig’s most viewed and most viral branded short film, now has 44.5 million organic views on YouTube. Its theme of marital fidelity also created a loud buzz on social media. Netizens mentioned the effective use of the belt as a metaphor, and cited the plot twist as a noteworthy storytelling device. 

Finally, “The Bully,” Cahilig’s socially relevant and heart-rending short film, tells the story of an alumnus returning to his alma mater to talk about bullying and its consequences, only to evoke a scene that haunts him to this day. 

“The Bully” has been tagged as a must-see for students and their parents as it tackles the age-old issue of bullying and its deleterious effects on mental health. 

All told, CinemaWorld affirms the exceptional qualities of these short films. "Their relatability, down-to-earth and simple narratives, combined with the talent of the cast, crew, and director make them the right fit for CinemaSHORT. We are happy to have Director Cahilig’s works in our platform."

For his part, Cahilig vows to continue partnering with brands to bring meaningful narratives to life, especially through short films. 

“Pitaka,” “Sinturon,” and “The Bully” are now available to watch in various territories in Asia through CinemaWorld. 

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