Globe, the leader in mobile, is Philippines' Most Reliable Mobile Network

Globe has earned the coveted recognition as the Philippines’ Most Reliable Mobile Network in the second quarter of 2022, topping other players in terms of consistency and availability, based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data.

Globe achieved the highest Consistency Score™ of 79.44 and Most Available All Technology score at 93.11.

Only a few mobile operators in the world have managed to attain supremacy in both consistency and availability, making the reliability claim an elusive recognition in the industry.

Globe’s consistency score of 79.44 is a near two-point advantage over the next player, which got 77.69. The third placer, meanwhile, got 73.82.

In terms of availability, Globe received the highest score at 93.11, edging out competitors who got 91.91 and 91.41, respectively. The availability score identifies the network whose users spend the highest percent of their time on all technology.

“Being declared the Philippines’ Most Reliable Mobile Network is testament to the gains of our network buildup, which we have aggressively pursued over recent years. Ookla’s recognition is proof that wherever our customers are, Globe is there to provide reliable service in calls, SMS and data,” said Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu.

Darius Delgado, head of Globe’s Consumer Mobile Business, meanwhile, cited how reliability– as measured in terms of consistency and availability– matters to customers more than speed, especially when they are already being served by 4G/LTE and 5G networks.

“Ookla’s latest data show that Globe is indeed best-in-class in both consistency and availability– an acclaim that only a few mobile networks in the world have managed to attain. This affirms our efforts to achieve #1stWorldNetwork, and inspires us to march on with expansion plans so we can serve our customers better,” said Delgado.

As part of its commitment to innovation in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Globe has been pursuing a relentless network expansion, with 234 new cell sites built in the first quarter of the year, 3,500 mobile sites upgraded, and 380 more 5G sites and 470,000 fiber-to-the-home lines installed.

In 2021, an unprecedented CAPEX of P92.8 billion led to the addition of 1,407 new towers, upgrade of over 22,300 mobile sites to 4G/LTE, and installation of 1.4 million fiber-to-the-home lines and 2,000 5G sites across the country.

Globe targets building a total of 1,700 new cell sites this year to reach even more customers. To date, Globe has a customer base of 92 million covering its mobile and broadband businesses.                                                         

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